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Elite antivirus provider can collaborate on botnet mapping, reverse engineering of malware, botnet takedowns and more

Bitdefender, the innovative antivirus software provider, is offering its years of private research and experience at the cutting edge of the fight against cyber crime to help CERTs and other organizations that may be overwhelmed by the rapid growth of cyber crime in an era of fuzzy borders and dizzying technological advances.   

Bitdefender can offer collaboration in botnet mapping tailored to the address space of the client, whether for a whole nation or just a university campus. The company is ready to reverse-engineer malware and suspicious files and help tackle the growing threat of botnets head on.

"Bitdefender has been in the fight against cyber crime since the beginning, so we find ourselves with more knowledge and capabilities than we can use in our regular business," said Bitdefender Chief Security Strategist Catalin Cosoi. "We want to use that capacity and expertise to contribute to bolster the work of other well-meaning groups who are seeking to make the internet a cleaner, safer place to work, play and socialize."

Bitdefender, which has extensive experience assisting law enforcement in various countries, is also ready to collaborate in taking down and analyzing command and control servers, which often require a joint effort and custom-tailored forensic analysis.

For collaboration, Bitdefender’s experts can be reached at