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BitDefender Launches New Enterprise Software Suite

June 2006

BitDefender announced today the launch of its new enterprise security software suite, designed for large and small companies and Service Providers which use Linux and FreeBSD servers.

The three products released today are BitDefender Mail Protection for Enterprises, its lightweight cousin BitDefender Mail Protection for SMB and BitDefender for Samba File Servers.

BitDefender Mail Protection for Enterprises, the antivirus, antispam and antispyware filter for high-traffic mail servers, boasts lots of features designed to make the administration of security for large numbers of users easier. Chief among these are the user group management features and support for SNMP, a widely-used network monitoring protocol.

BitDefender Mail Protection for SMB, on the other hand, was designed with simplicity in mind, and as such is geared towards small and medium businesses desiring to keep administration workloads and costs at very low levels.

Support for SNMP and per-share security settings has also been added to BitDefender for Samba File Servers, the antivirus for file shares from BitDefender.

"All these products are fresh out of a punishing beta test which has had them evolving in educational and business environments under enormous workloads. It has been a long and educational journey for all involved, but I am certain the results will please even the most demanding clients" declared Alex Balan, BitDefender Product Manager.