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BitDefender Launches Blog for Unix Users

October 2008

Community offers technical information, articles, and advice to Unix users

BitDefender, an award-winning provider of antivirus software and data security solutions, today announced the launch of a new blog for Unix users. The blog,, was created by the BitDefender Linux team in an effort to create an interactive forum for BitDefenders Unix -based customers.

The Unix blog will mainly focus on technical content related to BitDefender Unix products, BitDefender Security for Mail Servers and BitDefender Security for Samba. The blog will also provide the community with information, articles and technical advising about open source software by offering free tools based on BitDefender technology (such as BitDefender Antivirus Scanner for Unices), as well as advising the community on popular mailing lists related to open source software.

Over the years, BitDefender Labs has put a lot of focus on developing and improving their Linux-based products. Previously, our ideas and developments were not open to the public until the official product launch, stated Bogdan Dumitru, BitDefender Chief Technical Officer. For the first time we are allowing our Unix -based customers into our world with the start of this blog. We are excited to create a community where Unix users can go to obtain information about products and services that relate to their needs.

Please visit the BitDefender Unix blog.