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Bitdefender Invites Elite Beta Testers to the New Bitdefender

March 2013

World’s best antivirus software to get even better in hands of elite beta testers worldwide

BITDEFENDER HQ, Feb. 28, 2013– Bitdefender, the innovative internet security firm, has invited top-notch beta testers around the globe to experience the bold New Bitdefender and help make the world’s best antivirus software even sharper, faster and more lethal to malware.

The New Bitdefender is a daring blend of the tried and proven technologies that have won Bitdefender the top awards, and cutting-edge new concepts such as adaptive scanning, the technology that actually allows the software to mold to each individual computer to enhance speed and performance.

Starting on Feb. 28, techies, bloggers and other elite beta testers can feel the power of the New Bitdefender in action by visiting and downloading the beta kit.

The molding technology of the New Bitdefender means that the software will quickly become unique to each user, adapting to every system-specific profile and applying recognition patterns so you can move quickly and nimbly even in the full suit of Bitdefender armor.

The New Bitdefender also offers beta testers an enhanced version of Bitdefender Safepay™, the secured browser that activates automatically during online transactions. The New Bitdefender takes this feature, which was first developed last year, to a new level.

Besides creating an unbreachable connection on public wireless connections, and generating a virtual keyboard so no hacker can read your keystrokes, Safepay now includes Bitdefender Wallet, which seals sensitive information away from prying eyes and recalls the data automatically just as you need it in a secure, time-saving autofill format.

“After the absolutely magnificent year of top awards and gushing praise that we’ve just been through, Bitdefender is under pressure to beat its stiffest competition – itself,” said Bitdefender Chief Security Strategist Catalin Cosoi. “This led us to an intense period of creation, experimentation and innovation. Among the final, and most crucial, of phases is beta testing. Each and every piece of feedback will get the undivided attention of some of the top minds in the anti-malware world.”