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BitDefender Announces Generation Nine

August 2005

BitDefender announced today the release of BitDefender 9 Standard and BitDefender 9 Professional. The crown of ninth generation of security software from BitDefender, BitDefender Internet Security, will follow in two weeks' time.

BitDefender Professional Plus is a combined antivirus, antispam and firewall package aimed at the the SOHO/retail market, while BitDefender Standard is aimed at clients who only require antivirus protection.

"This is somewhat of a tradition for our company: we launch these two together. These are mature products, feature-complete and very, very stable, I am sure that our customers will appreciate the new features we've introduced. A personal favourite of mine is the HiVE module, which is able to detect viruses for which there are no signatures yet, and I'm also quite proud of the work done on adding anti-phishing capabilities for the antispam module" declared Bogdan Dumitru, BitDefender CTO.

He then stated: "I am sure these products will prove successfull, and pave the way for the entry of our new top-of-the line product, BitDefender 9 Internet Security, into the market."

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