Bitdefender and NetSecure Build Safe Online Shopping Alliance

December 2011

NetSecure adds Bitdefender's QuickScan to its SmartSwipe credit card reader to offer users extra protection for their online financial transactions


BitDefender®, an award-winning provider of innovative internet security solutions, today announced its partnership withNetSecure, leading to the inclusion of Bitdefender’s QuickScan in NetSecure’s SmartSwipe, the world’s first and only secure personal credit card reader.

Consumers lost $2.2B to online fraud last year through malware and phishing attacks, with more than 55% of such attacks gone undetected. By simply plugging the SmartSwipe reader into their computers’ USB ports consumers can now shop online with peace of mind as their private information is secure at all times.

Before the SmartSwipe software is installed, QuickScan, BitDefender's rapid diagnosis tool, scans a users’ computer and helps determine whether it is carrying malicious programs designed to track key strokes, sensitive data, or other active malware threats. If an infection is detected, QuickScan provides a user with advice on how to remedy the situation and allows them to download a 90 day free trial of Bitdefender Internet Security.

According to the June 2011 results released by AV-Test, Bitdefender scored a perfect 100% for protection against zero-day malware attacks, detection of recent malware samples and detection of widespread malware. The latest AV-Test ranking published on September 30, 2011 re-confirmed Bitdefender as absolute leader of the industry.

“It was important to NetSecure that we choose a world class company and a well recognized and established brand. Bitdefender clearly meets all of these criteria and more”, said Gene Schenberg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Netsecure. “Adding Bitdefender QuickScan to SmartSwipe was a natural progression as this means more value and a broader sense of security for the customer. This bundle is available today at Brookstone throughout the US.”

“Integrating QuickScan, BitDefender’s fast malware assessment solution with SmartSwipe combines the best cloud-based, always up-to-date security scanning tool with strong hardware driven protection. This raises security to a new level for online transactions,” said Peter Laakkonen, BitDefender’s General Manager of OEM and Technology Licensing.

About NetSecure

NetSecure Technologies is at the leading edge of eCommerce solutions, protecting online consumers where they need it most. NetSecure Technologies is dedicated to providing consumers with the very best in protection technology. In addition to security, NetSecure believes technology should be user friendly and follow the mantra "simplicity, speed, security and compatibility."


About BitDefender® OEM

BitDefender has become a preferred choice for leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), hardware vendors, service providers, and marketing companies worldwide, who want to license content security technology and implement them within their products. More information about BitDefender and its OEM products are available at the company’s OEM solutions portal.