The Bitdefender Logo combines dynamism, strength and boldness with tremendous control and focus.
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Brand Logo

The letters of the commercial font have been customized to obtain a unique logo.

It is potent and sleek, aggressive and reliable, and has nerve and a stupendous inner cadence.

Product communication will make extensive use of the logo.

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Bitdefender Logo
Bitdefender Logo

Logo usage

The positive, negative, black & white versions of the logo allow its application in a wide array of situations.

To preserve the readability of the logo, a minimum surrounding of free space is necessary.

The minimum safety area outside the logo is given by the height of the letter "f".

DO NOT place the logo in crowded areas that cannot support this minimal empty space.

Logo usage interdictions

DO NOT use the logo in situations that could hinder visibility, prevent recognition, alter the logo shape, violate the safety area, use it in color or introduce new elements.

Bitdefender Logo