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Bitdefender Tools support coverage statement

Publication date: 2018-03-01

This section covers the loss of compatibility between Bitdefender Tools and VMware NSX.


Security for Virtualized Environments (VM), a legacy product, used to extend the protection capability of the Security Server with a light agent installed on each virtual machine, called Bitdefender Tools.

Starting with VMware Tools 10.1.10, a deprecation of its APIs resulted in a loss of compatibility between Bitdefender Tools and the former suite of utilities. Additionally, this also makes Bitdefender Tools incompatible with VMware NSX.

Discarded features

The following Security for Virtualized Environments features are unavailable in VMware NSX:

• Apply file exclusions – Omit a specific file from scanning.

• Apply process exclusions – Omit certain processes from being scanned.

• Memory scanning - Check the programs running in the virtual machine's memory.

• Antimalware Event Notifications – Endpoint notification pop-ups about detected malware.


Should you require the full range of the above-mentioned features, consider migrating to GravityZone Security for Virtualized Environments (CPU, VDS, or VS) for Multi-Platform.

End of support (EOSL) for VMware vCNS integration

Bitdefender retires support for VMware vCloud Networking and Security (vCNS) as of Aug 31st, 2018. Bitdefender has taken this decision after considering several factors with a negative impact on its customers who are using an outdated and unsupported partner environment.


On September 19th, 2016, VMware vCNS reached End of Life (EOL). VMware announced extended support until March 31st, 2017, and recommends upgrading to VMware NSX. For more information on these events, refer to these articles:

This support retirement affects the integration between GravityZone and the following platforms:

  • VMware vShield Manager 5.5, 5.1, 5.0

  • VMware vShield Endpoint

  • VMware vCNS 5.5, 5.5.4

EOSL effects

When Bitdefender retires support for vCNS, the following changes will be in effect:

  • The feature is removed from GravityZone Control Center.

  • Product and signature updates are discontinued.

  • Security patches are no longer provided.

  • Bitdefender Technical Support will no longer address tickets on this feature.

  • Related documentation is removed.

The GravityZone update scheduled on August 31st 2018 removes the vCNS integration from the security solution. The update applies only if no active integration with vCNS is detected.


Customers who decide to remain on their installed version of GravityZone, should do so only for a reasonable amount of time, needed to approach the situation. To avoid any inconveniences caused by the above-mentioned effects and the risk of being a victim of cyber threats, we urge you to act as soon as possible.

Bitdefender recommends two possible migration paths:

  1. VMware NSX: GravityZone protects VMware NSX environments with its dedicated Security Server. While considering this path, you can use Upgrade VMware environments protected with GravityZone from vCNS to NSX for guidance on installing Bitdefender protection.

  2. Other VMware platform: Customers can migrate to the Bitdefender Security for Virtualized Environments - Multi-Platform technology.

Should you have any questions or issues around this migration, please contact us as soon as possible.

Stay ahead of cyber threats, while enjoying the Bitdefender's fully-featured solutions!

Thank you,

Bitdefender Team

Endpoint Security by Bitdefender End Of Life

Bitdefender announces end of life and support for Endpoint Security by Bitdefender v5 as of June 30, 2018.

End of life effects

After the End of Life date, the following will apply for Endpoint Security by Bitdefender v5:

  • Bitdefender will no longer release product updates and maintenance releases.

  • Signature updates will still be provided for the foreseeable future.

  • v5 package options and specific policy options pertaining solely to management of v5 agents will be removed from the GravityZone console in a subsequent release.


For best protection, it is recommended that you immediately upgrade any existing Endpoint Security by Bitdefender v5 installations in your network to Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools v6. The GravityZone console provides an Upgrade task to ensure a smooth upgrade.

Endpoint support for Mac OS X 10.7 ends January 1st, 2016

This section provides information regarding the end of support for Mac OSX Lion (10.7.x).

Bitdefender is committed to delivering innovative, effective security solutions to our customers. As technologies and threats evolve, Bitdefender continues to proactively develop and shape its solution set. The resulting new solutions and feature modifications often lead to a need for discontinuing support for older operating systems.


As of January 1st, 2016, Bitdefender will no longer support Mac OSX Lion (10.7.x). While the product will continue receiving regular signature updates, please be aware that this platform will no longer receive:

  • Software enhancements & updates

  • Maintenance engineering for critical issues

If you are still using this operating system, we strongly encourage you to update to a newer version of Mac OSX.

Additional product retirement information can be found in the Bitdefender B2B products support lifecycle.

Migration and upgrade path from Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools for Windows version 6.2.x

At the release of Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools version (2018.04.19), Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools was available in two versions supporting different operating system versions:

  • Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools for Windows 6 – BEST 6.6.x, supports Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 and later, including all existing GravityZone features and technologies. This version no longer installs on legacy operating system versions.

  • Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools for Windows 6 – BEST 6.4.x for Windows Legacy, designed for Windows XP and Windows Vista families, including corresponding embedded and server versions, with limited features and support. This version does not install on Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 and later.

New features and hotfixes
  • BEST introduced a new version of Advanced Threat Control for Windows 7 and later, initially available with new installations and existing installations on Fast Ring. With the release of the Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools v6.6, all remaining desktop installations are automatically migrated to the latest version of Advanced Threat Control.

  • BEST 6.4.x for Windows Legacy provides support for TLS 1.2+ secure communications with GravityZone communication servers and Relays.

  • Improved mechanism for detecting potential Process Doppelgänging attacks.

  • Includes several security updates.

Issues with 6.2.x builds and upgrade path

Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools versions before 6.6 will no longer receive feature updates or support for upcoming versions of Windows.

Due to several architectural changes, some product features - including core security functionality - will cease to function as of September 17th 2018, and we strongly advise that you update in due time. As a best practice across the industry, Bitdefender highly recommends that customers always update to the latest version available.