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Mac Antivirus Rebranded Solution

Provide award winning Mac antimalware to your customers. Macbooks and Mac computers continue to be extremely popular tools for business and consumers. There are many benefits to adding a Mac antivirus solution to your product portfolio.

  • Select a product that compliments your Windows product line.
  • Offer your own brand of Mac antimalware solution.
  • Tap into a new market with a Mac antimalware solution.
  • Reduce cost of maintaining your own antimalware labs to address Mac threats.
  • No need to hire Mac antimalware experts.

Mac Antivirus White Label Features

Bitdefender Mac antimalware product has the features that can help partners grow their business. Whether you are using the rebranded Mac version as a complimentary solution to your own product line or as a stand-alone product to expand into a new market, Bitdefender has a certified product that has gone through rigorous testing by third party, non-profit testing organizations.