Your children’s social media apps are more important than ever. How do you keep them safe?

The coronavirus outbreak is forcing many of us to stay home. So families are spending more time online, children included. Not only for work, learning, conferences, entertainment or printing coloring pages, but also to keep in touch with others. We all crave social interactions, and we miss face-to-face meetings with friends, brothers, sisters, grandparents. Social media apps, chatting, and video streaming platforms can ease some of this burden, so no wonder we’re using them even more nowadays. But the risks are still there.

Some apps were super popular with kids even before this crisis, because they offer richer experiences than regular SMS texting. To make it easier for parents, we’ve put together a Digital Parenting Guide describing the most popular apps among tweens and teens, with a focus on online dangers.

You can find reviews of the most used apps, such as:







You can also look for other apps or games your child is keen on, then reach out to us if they use an app not covered in our Digital Parenting Guide and you’d like to know more about it. We’ll always try to make digital parenting easier for you, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help, questions or suggestions.

Last but not least, we don’t want you to worry more than you already do these days. Don’t put more pressure on yourself or feel guilty you’ve become too flexible with your kids’ screen time. We are all human.

Monitoring kids and the people they interact with, using a parental control solution, and talking to them about what is ok or not ok to do online will make for a good start to keep them protected. You can turn this quarantine into an opportunity to create a better online environment for your children, teach them how to use technology responsibly, and find meaningful ways to connect with others.

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