New Double-Hop Feature Enhances Bitdefender VPN on iOS and Android


September 21, 2023

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New Double-Hop Feature Enhances Bitdefender VPN on iOS and Android

The ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity necessitates continual advancements in protective technologies. In alignment with this need for robust online safety, a new feature update has been introduced to Bitdefender VPN— it’s known as Double-Hop. Currently available for iOS and Android operating systems, Double-Hop is scheduled for future integration into Windows and macOS platforms.

Feature Overview

The Double-Hop function enables the routing of internet traffic through two distinct servers, introducing an additional layer of security and anonymity. This feature enhances the protective measures already in place and boosts flexibility, letting users create custom routing paths.

Activation Process

Users can access the feature by selecting the Double-Hop tab in the Location screen within the application and choosing one of the preset routes. For those who prefer a custom experience, the feature allows the creation of bespoke routes. This option can be customized from the Double-Hop screen in the Advanced section within the application's configuration screen.

Utility and Importance

While a comprehensive guide detailing the advantages and utility of Double-Hop is available, it is relevant to note that this is not a mere supplementary function. The addition of Double-Hop to Bitdefender VPN contributes to fortifying security and privacy, improving protection against advanced threats.

The feature offers flexibility regarding server location selection. However, choosing servers physically far apart, such as on different continents, may reduce speed.

Future Developments

Currently, the Double-Hop rollout is limited to the iOS and Android platforms. Integration into Windows and macOS systems is under active development, with a rollout planned for the near future, although a specific ETA is unavailable.


Introducing the Double-Hop feature represents a meaningful advancement of Bitdefender VPN, contributing to a more secure and flexible user experience. It is an integral part of the ongoing efforts to enhance online safety measures in a continuously evolving cyber landscape.




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