Breach at famous French underwear company exposes personal data of 1.5 million shoppers


April 18, 2024

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Breach at famous French underwear company exposes personal data of 1.5 million shoppers

Prominent French underwear company Le Slip Français is warning customers that a cyberattack has exposed their personal information online.

According to a cybersecurity notice on the vendor’s official website, Le Slip Français learned of the unauthorized access and subsequent exfiltration of customer data on April 15.

What type of information was stolen?

While the disclosure notice does not specify the number of impacted individuals, Troy Hunt’s Have I Been Pwned platform reveals that hackers got away with the personally identifiable information of 1.5 million customers, including full names, telephone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, and order numbers.

The company says it has filed a report with the French Data Protection Agency and is closely monitoring the situation to detect potential fraud. Le Slip Français also assured customers that no passwords or credit card data were stolen.

Customers are advised to contact the company via [email protected] for any questions regarding the incident.

From data breach to mitigation steps you can take to secure your digital livelihood

Despite reassurances that the breach is now contained and that no sensitive information was compromised, we highly recommend customers review cybersecurity best practices and remain vigilant.

This includes:

  • Changing your password. Even if the breach did not specifically impact account passwords, victims should consider resetting them. Consider using a password manager to help you maintain best password practices.
  • Monitor online accounts for suspicious activity
  • Be wary of increased spam correspondence via texts, emails, or phone calls and give out your personally identifiable information via unsolicited requests.
  • Use  Bitdefender Scamio, our free AI-powered scam detector, to check if any unsolicited or suspicious messages, texts, or even QR codes are scams.

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