Defenders of your digital life: Protect and manage the digital you with the new and improved Digital Identity Protection service


April 02, 2024

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Defenders of your digital life: Protect and manage the digital you with the new and improved Digital Identity Protection service

Every netizen holds a digital representation of who they are - or, better said, a digital footprint that acts as an extension of our real selves in the online world.

From usernames and passwords to browsing data and even medical history, a digital presence can consist of thousands of details and identifiers that, once exposed, can leave people vulnerable to online scammers and identity theft crimes.

Enter the new and improved Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection service that shines a light on the ever-evolving online presence of individuals and helps users learn, manage, and react to risks, including data breaches, leaks, and other privacy concerns.

What’s new

Our feature-rich service comes with an array of perks that not only offer extensive insight into the full extent of one’s digital persona but also let people mitigate risks that may impact their identity and wellbeing while maintaining the best security and privacy practices.

A fully-fledged identity theft prevention layer

Knowledge is power. The more you know about the ins and outs of your digital footprint, where your data is stored or potentially exposed, the better you can mitigate risks to your identity.

The new Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection brings users up close and personal to the full extent of their digital selves by painting a comprehensive image of every individual’s digital footprint.

How? Beyond the top-notch capabilities that scour the deep and dark web for exposed personal information, people can now link their Digital Identity Protection service with one of the popular webmail providers (Gmail and Outlook) to fully keep track of their personal data.

Once you connect with your email, the service will automatically detect companies and services that may hold your personal information. These features will also continuously update your digital footprint, giving you full insight into any used services, created accounts, and potential online footprint you may leave behind whenever you sign up for a new account.

Why does this matter?

Your personally identifiable information is collected and stored by every business and online platform you have ever interacted with online, and data brokers who profit from buying, selling, and trading your personal information.

Whether it’s a long-forgotten account or a new one, Digital Identity Protection gives you the necessary tools to view and remove said data, before a data breach disaster strikes.

This practical discovery layer enriches the user experience and acts as a reminder of services that store your data, or platforms you no longer need or use. It allows you to immediately take action to mitigate security risks on accounts or in case of a data breach, and most importantly, it enables you to remove that data from the service provider if you choose to.

“Education and prevention are crucial in safely navigating the digital age we live in today. This is why we strive to empower every Digital Identity Protection user with the necessary tools and know-how that can significantly improve security and privacy and prevent misuse of their personal data. These new enhancements to our identity protection service give users a holistic view of their digital identity with comprehensive prevention and monitoring layers that enable users to act and defend against data breaches, leaks, and identity crimes,” said Marius MALAIAS – Principal Product Manager, Identity Protection at Bitdefender.

Minimizing your digital footprint has never been more straightforward. With the improved Digital Identity Protection you can:

Ask a service provider or business to send you a copy of the personal data that they have gathered and stored about you


Ask a service provider to delete your data in just a couple of clicks.

Identity Protection Score gets a spring makeover, too

This major update also includes an enhanced Identity Protection Score that brings a more meaningful understanding of every user’s identity status and in-depth explanations of the multitude of risks brought on by a low score.

Every Digital Identity Protection user can now pinpoint the actions that lead to a low score and take the steps needed to improve online hygiene and secure their digital welfare.

If your digital identity needs some TLC and spring cleaning, turn to Digital Identity Protection and take ownership of the online you for a happy, healthy and decluttered digital life!




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