Gain protection against evasive zero-day threats and sophisticated attacks using sandbox API

sandbox API

Bitdefender Sandbox Service provides a highly scalable and powerful environment to run in-depth, sophisticated analyses of unknown or suspicious files and URLs.

The prefilter layer serves as an intelligent gatekeeper, employing advanced algorithms to accurately filter files for detonation

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Better detection

Better detection

The added layer of security provided by Sandbox Service, on top of the Bitdefender multi-layer detection for advanced and zero-day threats technology, improves overall detection capabilities.

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

Machine learning algorithms and the latest AI techniques used by prefilter ensure that only files that require further analysis get sent to the sandbox. This brings significant cost reduction benefits.

Increased value

Increased value

Sandbox Service provides detailed reporting and allows your solution to generate alerts with added context. This enables security experts to better understand alerts and act faster.

Capabilities & Benefits

malware prefiltering

Files accessed by end users are analyzed with Bitdefender’s award-winning antimalware technologies. Machine learning algorithms and the latest AI techniques ensure that only files that require further analysis get sent to the sandbox.

anti-evasion technology

Files are detonated in the sandbox environment and monitored for signs of malicious activity. Self-protection mechanisms are in place and every evasion attempt by malicious code is properly marked and the files are flagged. Furthermore, files are not analyzed in an organization’s production environment, eliminating the risk associated with allowing a potentially malicious file to run and removing any performance implications.

next gen sandbox

Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, the latest AI techniques, anti-evasion techniques, anti-exploit, data leakage identification, memory introspection, code similarity and aggressive behavior analysis, Sandbox Service is highly efficient at detecting malware, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and malicious URLs.

cloud threat intelligence service

The cloud Sandbox checks all results across known threats in an extensive array of online repositories and Bitdefender’s Global Protective Network (cloud threat intelligence service)

Technology Architecture

The malware Sandbox Service thoroughly examines suspicious files. It detonates payloads within a controlled virtual environment provided by Bitdefender, observing their actions, identifying harmful intent, and offering practical insights. The next-gen sandbox acts as a ‘real target environment’ for potentially malicious files where they can act as they would in the wild, making it a powerful tool against targeted malware attacks and malware infiltration. The cloud infrastructure allows full scalability to process thousands of files per minute.


Leveraging the latest advancements in machine learning, the Bitdefender cloud prefilter pre-analyzes the files before submitting them to the sandbox by employing advanced algorithms to accurately filter files for detonation. This reduces the number of detonated files and increases efficiency. By harnessing machine learning capabilities, it continuously learns from extensive data sets to identify potential threats or clean files.


This technology not only enhances the effectiveness of Bitdefender Sandbox Service but also brings significant cost reduction. With our prefilter engine, technology vendors can proactively improve their detection capabilities for emerging and sophisticated cyber threats while simultaneously optimizing resource allocation and reducing expenses.

Sandbox Service architecture - how it works

Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized by industry analyst firms and independent testing organizations.

  • Gartner logo
  • Forrester
  • Gartner Customer Choice 2024
  • Mitre Engenuity
  • AV Test
  • AV Comparatives
Andrew Black's (CIO) - testimonial email security

“Bitdefender’s software development kits out of the box contains 100,000 known spam text messages before we have performed a single update. It’s like we’re starting a race ten steps ahead with Bitdefender.”


Barry Scallan

Product Delivery Team Lead, AdaptiveMobile

Can I try Sandbox Service before purchase?

Evaluating the Bitdefender Sandbox service is free of charge and includes technical support. To start your free trial, please fill out this form.

Is Sandbox Service scalable and easy to integrate with my current infrastructure?

Bitdefender Sandbox Service is a highly scalable infrastructure that offers easy API integration and tailored privacy options.

How can I access the Sandbox Service?

Sandbox Service can be accessed via API or user interface offered by Intellizone Portal.

Can I download Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) generated during analysis?

Yes, you can download IOCs generated during analysis either by downloading the comprehensive analysis report or using the API to download only the IOCs, in raw, OpenIOC or STIX format.

Does Bitdefender Sandbox Service offer privacy?

Yes, Bitdefender Sandbox Service offers different levels of privacy to address your country’s specific requirements.

Where will my files be uploaded?

The Sandbox Service is available in Europe, United States, United Kingdom and Australia. You can choose where you want to send the files for analysis. Other regions can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

sandbox Datasheet

Sandbox Service Datasheet

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