The Bitdefender BOX Effect: Secures Everything, from Smart Homes to Product Leadership in Smart Home Cyber Security Industry.

Bitdefender BOX, the breakthrough solution that protects your entire home, just received Frost & Sullivan’s Product Leadership Award in the smart home cybersecurity industry for its world-leading advances in security.

The analysts from Frost & Sullivan, a leading provider of growth partnership services that promotes innovation worldwide, recognized the innovation behind the product. “Bitdefender has essentially created a new, and much-needed, branch of cyber security with the company’s focus on securing the rapidly expanding Internet of Things,” said Frost & Sullivan Industry Director Vikrant Gandhi.

Bitdefender BOX combines hardware, software and cloud to protect your home and family from malware, hacking, spying and the full range of online threats. It secures all connected devices in your home, from laptops, desktops, smartphones and smart TVs to connected refrigerators, Wi-Fi thermostats, gaming consoles, baby monitors and smart toys.

You may not even be aware you have so many ”doors” for cyber intruders, but don’t worry, Bitdefender BOX guards them all.

“Frost & Sullivan believes that Bitdefender will remain the leading provider of consumer and enterprise connected product protection solutions in North America for the foreseeable future”.

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