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Social Media Platform X Improves Data Collection Protocols


September 05, 2023

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Social Media Platform X Improves Data Collection Protocols

Leading social networking site X, previously known as Twitter, has ushered in updates to its privacy terms. According to industry insiders, these alterations will be relevant primarily to those who hold premium accounts on the platform.

The freshly minted guidelines indicate that X intends to incorporate biometric indicators to ensure enhanced "safety, security, and identification."

The rationale seems clear - in an era rife with digital identity theft, such steps might add a layer of security. However, there's more to this change than just biometrics.

X has also shown an inclination to broaden its data acquisition purview. There's a proposed plan to collect details about users' professional lives.

This encompasses their past work experiences, educational background, areas of expertise, and job-seeking patterns. The company's statement suggests that such data assimilation is aimed at tailoring job suggestions to users, streamlining the often daunting job search process.

Once collated, it's hinted that such information might be shared with recruitment professionals to help them find job candidates.

Another aspect that can't be overlooked is X's intention to refine its advertising approach. By assimilating a diverse range of data, the platform seeks to customize ads, making them more pertinent to individual users.

To cement the identity of users, X proposes two possible routes. The conventional approach would involve a government-sanctioned ID. An alternate, more contemporary method might involve leveraging the biometric details they gather.

Yet, as these changes loom, questions remain. X has been reticent about the nitty-gritty, particularly around the methodologies of data gathering, storage and security protocols. As users and digital rights activists await further insights, the overarching sentiment is a mix of anticipation and concern.




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