Hacker claims to have stolen info on 1 million customers of US health supplement maker


April 26, 2024

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Hacker claims to have stolen info on 1 million customers of US health supplement maker

Hackers have allegedly breached US-based vitamin and dietary supplement producer Piping Rock this month, gaining access to the personal information of 1 million customers.

According to a post on the notorious BreachForums community, a threat actor using the handle ‘ShopifyGuy’ claims to have hacked the supplement maker, stealing 2,103,393 emails alongside 957,384 full customer details such as:

  • Full names
  • Contact info: phone numbers and home addresses
  • Purchase details

While Piping Rock has nor confirmed the breach, Cybernews researchers say the leaked information “appears to be legitimate.”

Moreover, the cybersecurity news outlet also suggested the threat actor had been negotiating with the business before leaking the data online.

“The management suddenly just stopped in the middle of negotiations,” ShopifyGuy said.

Worried about how this data breach can impact you?

Data breaches can have multiple implications for victims, from emotional distress to severe financial losses. While it may be difficult to determine the extent of this security incident accurately, shoppers are advised to take steps to reduce risks and enhance their online privacy and security.

Even though password compromise wasn’t mentioned, we recommend resetting account passwords as a precaution, and staying vigilant.

Cybercrooks armed with your contact information and purchase details may begin targeting unwary customers with phishing schemes to steal sensitive data such as passwords and financial information.

Scrutinizing all unsolicited messages and contacts can help safeguard against these risks. Use Bitdefender Scamio, our free AI-powered scam detector, to check if any unsolicited or suspicious messages, texts, or even QR codes are scams.

A security solution and digital identity protection services can also significantly enhance your online security and wellbeing.

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection is packed with handy features that enable you to find out in real time if and when your personal information has been leaked online.

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