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ChatGPT Outages Caused by Politically Motivated DDoS Attack


November 10, 2023

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ChatGPT Outages Caused by Politically Motivated DDoS Attack

Recent outages suffered by OpenAI on ChatGPT were the work of politically motivated threat actors who said they were making a statement about fighting in the Middle East, according to a claim made on Telegram.

Earlier this week, ChatGPT went down due to “exceptionally high demand,” according to OpenAI, the chatbot’s creators. The outages persisted across its API and the Dall-E machine learning model.

As OpenAI worked to address the issues, it became clear that the outages were caused by malicious actors.

“We are dealing with periodic outages due to an abnormal traffic pattern reflective of a DDoS attack,” the company wrote on status.openai.com. “We are continuing work to mitigate this.”

According to the latest update, the “incident has been resolved and status of our services have returned to normal.”

In the meantime, politically motivated threat actors identified as Anonymous Sudan took responsibility for the attack, citing several reasons for the move – chief among them was ChatGPT’s “general biasness towards Israel and against Palestine.”

The threat actors went on to claim that OpenAI is actively cooperating in the occupation state of Israel, adding that “AI is now being used in the development of weapons and by intelligence agencies like Mossad, and Israel also employs AI to further oppress the Palestinians.”

Anonymous Sudan also claims that any American entity is perceived as an adversary.




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