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ANSSI warns of cyberattacks exploiting the 2024 Paris Olympics


February 28, 2024

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ANSSI warns of cyberattacks exploiting the 2024 Paris Olympics

Cybercriminals seize every opportunity to launch attacks that compromise computer systems and data. Considering the upcoming summer Olympic games, the French National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI) is warning about impending cybersecurity threats surrounding the highly anticipated sports event.

According to a new report, the agency expects threat actors will amp up their efforts to fully exploit both the geopolitical tensions and international events in France over the next months.

“Large events offer attackers additional opportunities to act. In fact, they require the implementation of many information systems – often interconnected and sometimes created for the occasion – by a multitude of actors with heterogeneous security levels. Attackers can take advantage of this extended exhibition area to monitor or extort the organizers and participants. They are also likely to exploit media coverage to tarnish the image of the host country, or even disrupt the progress of the event,” ANSSI warned.

The Olympics make for an extremely profitable venture for opportunistic threat actors who will undoubtedly take advantage of their immense popularity among millions of individuals worldwide to conduct fraudulent operations.

From members of the public to partners and organizers of the event, cybercriminals will benefit from an extensive attack surface to conduct malicious and scam campaigns, including Olympics-themed phishing attacks, malicious applications, and fraudulent websites selling tickets and merchandise.

The organization doesn’t exclude potential espionage campaigns, DDoS disruptions, and even threats leveraging the Russia-Ukraine war.

“The structure and methods of attackers will inevitably experience changes in 2024, at a time when France is preparing to welcome the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The agency also recommends the rigorous application of maintenance policies. security condition of computer parks, the implementation of an IT backup strategy.”

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