Uber Executive Accused of Tracking Journalist’s Location

Uber’s top New York executive is accused of using the Uber app to spy on reporters, according to news reports.

Microsoft Issues 16 Security Updates and 60 Others

Microsoft will patch a record 16 security vulnerabilities in its upcoming Patch Tuesday, including five flagged as “critical”, according to an advance notice.

EU Classifies Spyware as Dual-Use Software for Export

Companies producing ‘intrusion software’ will need extra permissions to export it according to new EU regulations, The Guardian reports.

Facebook Launches C++ HTTP Framework

Facebook has released a series of open-source code libraries to help C++ based programs communicate over the Internet, according to a blog post.

Russia Bans Apple iCloud Starting 2015

Russia may ban Apple iCloud services as a result of a new law forcing companies to locate their cloud servers and stored data on Russian territory, according to news reports.

Pirate Bay Co-founder Risks 5 years in Prison for Hacking

Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg risks a 5-year prison sentence from a Danish counrt under hacking and vandalism accusations, according to PCWorld.com.

Staples Stores Investigating Data Breach

Office supply chain Staples is investigating a possible credit card breach at a number of its US stores, according to researcher Brian Krebs.

Financial Information of Sourcebooks' Customers Exposed

Financial information of Sourcebooks' customers has been exposed after a cyber-attack targeted their shopping cart software, according to Sourcebooks' customer letter.

Oregon Employment Department Breach Affects 850K Users

The Oregon Employment Department (OED) confirmed an intrusion in their management platform which potentially exposed 850000 US state residents who were looking for jobs and other services, according to Infosecurity magazine.

LinkedIn Sued for Allegedly Selling User Data

LinkedIn has been accused of secretly selling user data in the latest lawsuit filed against them in California, according to the IBTimes.

US retailer Hit By Backoff Malware, Payment Data Stolen

US-based fast food chain Dairy Queen confirmed 395 of its stores were hit with Backoff PoS malware, exposing customers’ names, payment card numbers and expiration dates as a result.

Microsoft Issues Advance Notification for Nine October Patches

Microsoft has issued an advanced notification of patches from the security bulletin to be released on October 14. It contains nine security patches for critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft products.

JP Morgan Chase Breach Impacts 76 Million Households

The JP Morgan Chase security breach has impacted 76 million household and 7 million small business accounts, according to the SEC’s announcement, making it one of the largest breaches ever.

China Blocks Instagram amid Pro-Democracy Protests

China has allegedly blocked access to popular photo-sharing app Instagram to prevent the spread to the mainland of any photos of tear gas used in massive anti-government protests in Hong Kong, according to PC World.

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