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GravityZone Cloud Known Issues


  • The Advanced Threat Control module is incompatible with Citrix EdgeSight.
  • On-demand scan tasks do not run on MacBookPro 10.1.
  • The new custom exclusion types are not available for custom scanning tasks from the Network page.
  • The following exclusion types for ATC/IDS are available only for Windows desktop operating systems:
    • Process with wildcards
    • File hash
    • Detection name
    • Detection name with wildcards
    • Command line
  • Certificate thumbprint exclusions are not available for ATC/IDS.


  • The Login from new device notification does not include the IP of the unrecognized device.


  • The Applied/Pending column in the Policies page displays the status for device policies.
  • When a location-aware policy is active, exclusions for items restored from quarantine apply to the device policy.
  • After a policy is modified, its status from computer details does not change from Applied to Pending, although it is reapplied immediately.

Sandbox Analyzer

  • Manual Submission is incompatible with Internet Explorer 9.


  • When upgrading the security agent through a relay, the status message in the Details section of the Task Status window is empty for successfully finished tasks.
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