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Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud-based July 2017 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • Bitdefender Full Disk Encryption. This protection module is an add-on for simple remote management of disk encryption keys. It allows you to operate Windows BitLocker and Mac FileVault via Control Center, helping you keep sensitive information safe in the case of lost or stolen devices.
    The add-on is optional and delivered out-of-the-box to GravityZone solutions with monthly subscription, and with an additional license key to the other ones.
  • Microsoft Active Directory Integration. GravityZone is now able to recognize and integrate endpoints joined in an Active Directory domain. Your network inventory will display AD endpoints and groups in a dedicated network tree, next to the Custom Groups.
  • Transparent predefined scan tasks. The settings of the Full and Quick Scan tasks are now visible in the configuration window.
  • “Bom dia! Bem-vindo!” GravityZone Brazilian users can now interact with GravityZone in Portuguese.
  • Help! Hope you do not need it, but if you do, now you can find the help options in the upper-right corner of Control Center as follows: Help & Support and Feedback have moved under the user menu, and Help Mode and Notifications at its right.
  • Updated ConnectWise Integration for Partners. This change follows the ConnectWise transition to REST API. To continue using ConnectWise billing and ticketing functionality you need to configure a new integration using the steps outlined in the manual.
  • Enhanced API methods. Developers have now more options:
    • createCompany allows you to choose the licensing type.
    • createPackage allows you to configure the agent’s role and the deployment method.
    • getMonthlyUsage includes the usage of the Encryption Management module.
    • getLicenseInfo provides information on the reservedSlots.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue at location assignment rules, which was preventing adding multiple locations in the same field.
  • Resolved the policy name change not being updated in endpoint’s Information window.
  • Resolved the issue with Partner company’s accounts that could not view and manage the network of companies situated two or more levels down in the network tree hierarchy.
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