Why is Internet Security Still Necessary Today? A Realistic Approach

Why is Internet Security Still Necessary Today? A Realistic Approach

Whenever you take a closer look at the cybersecurity industry, you may notice there has been a steady increase in the number of products, services, and features that address online security and privacy issues.

Just because technology has become easier to use and almost invisible in some ways, it doesn’t mean that it is inherently secure. The more complex technology gets, the more security issues appear - each with their cascading, widespread consequences.

It is one of the main reasons why we rely on cybersecurity to keep technology safe, stable, and accessible.

Is Internet Security Winning the Battle?

Maintaining the health of a system (keeping it free from vulnerabilities and major crises) is a marathon, instead of a sprint. It relies on constant research, planning, execution, and improvements to advance towards better solutions to both common, widespread problems and new, critical challenges.

Because positive outcomes in cybersecurity consist of nothing bad happening, sometimes it can be difficult to see the massive progress of the field over the years… but it is there!

The reality is we have plenty of reasons to celebrate in cybersecurity:

  • More people are interested to find out about this topic than ever before.
  • There are more specialists currently working in this field than ever.
  • Products and services are easier to use than they have ever been.
  • There is more diversity in terms of options and features.
  • There is an increasing volume of free educational resources.
  • Investment in cybersecurity research and collaboration is at an all-time high.
  • Takedown operations of cyber-criminal activity are becoming increasingly more effective.

Acknowledging these positive developments in cybersecurity and online privacy is important. They are proof that your individual effort (to stay educated, to invest in tools and services, to keep a vigilant eye online) together with the specialists’ work are paying off.

"It helps to see online security as an ongoing battle. You have to preserve your Internet hygiene. You have to stick to the good practices you have developed over the years, such as using strong passwords, making sure you are not filling unsolicited forms, never replying to scammers in Nigeria, ensuring your cybersecurity solution – which is doing 99% of the work for you – is active, updated, and still working.
As long as you are taking these measures, you should be safe.
A bit of self-control, a bit of staying in the know, and a bit of investment in technology should help you win the fight against the bad guys."
Bogdan Botezatu (Director of Threat Research and Reporting, Bitdefender)

How to Solve the Issue of Cyber-crime, once and for all?

Illegal activity on the Internet does not exist separately from the rest of the world. It is an extension of it. That is why there are no definitive solutions that can settle the issue once and for all, as our cybersecurity experts highlight.

Crime, whether it happens in the physical world or in the digital space, has been with humankind since the very beginning. It is deeply rooted into some minds. So what cyber-criminals are attempting to do is use technology to run criminal activities they used to engage in, in the physical world. That is why Internet security is an ongoing battle.
This is happening at planetary scale because criminals can target victims from different parts of the world that they would otherwise never reach. There are a lot of opportunities for them.
As a cybersecurity company, what we are trying to do is increase the cost of these attacks and make it more difficult for cyber-criminals to find and exploit victims. We also send out a clear message that crime, even if it happens virtually, has tangible consequences. Once we understand who the cyber-criminal is, we collaborate with law enforcement to bring them to justice.
Bogdan Botezatu (Director of Threat Research and Reporting, Bitdefender)

However, that does not take away from the progress that organizations, institutions, and the information the security community itself have brought about.

Every day, dedicated online security solutions block billions of automated and manual cyber-attacks. What we see in the news is the tip of the iceberg, the attacks that, for some reason or other, have managed to get through. They are only a tiny fraction of the full volume of malicious activity happening at any point in time.

Cybersecurity evolution

How Can Internet Users Navigate Such a Complex Environment?

One of the ways  to make it easy for anyone to keep their online activity safe and private is to provide every security layer they need in a single, user-friendly solution. And that this all-in-one digital protection suite runs on autopilot at optimum performance, with no extra tweaks necessary.

"If you get a full-blown cybersecurity solution from a reputable provider that covers all the layers of your digital life – like Bitdefender does – you’re good to go!
At this point, we pretty much cover all the aspects of a person's online activity, including when their computer is turned off.
If you have a solution that covers all of those bases and you use it, then that is your ‘license to drive’ online."
Alex "Jay" Balan (Director of Security Research, Bitdefender)

In recent times, the positive impact of this democratization of cybersecurity solutions has become much more obvious, thanks to the massive shift towards working from home. So many of those who had to work remotely or spend more time online were unprepared or uneducated for it. And that came with new risks and new threats which they were not familiar with.

How Much Internet Security is Just Enough?

There is no silver bullet for all internet security issues, but there are plenty of reliable options. So, what does balance look like? How do you stay cautious and build a setup that automatically takes care of most threats, without becoming paranoid?

We asked our cybersecurity experts to share what ‘too little’ and ‘too much’ look like, and what you need to include in a fair and dependable system that helps you maintain balance.

What Too Little Online Security Looks Like

Overconfidence is an issue that makes us more prone to problems in every area of our lives, not just on the Internet. And this is especially true when we are dealing with cyber-threats and scams. They intentionally use covert tactics that manipulate our perceptions and try to influence our actions - or simply work in the background, without us doing anything at all.

Going online and clicking on websites without a security mechanism is definitely too little protection. Many people believe that, if they have good cyber hygiene and don't click on strange links, then they’re safe, especially if they’re using Mac or Linux.
I'm sorry to tell them but the links they think of as safe can become perilous without them knowing. A well-known website can be secure one day and used by attackers to deliver malicious software that compromises your computer the next day.
This is why you need a tool that checks every website for you, before you access it. So when you click on it the following day, your security solution tells you: ‘Whoa, there, buddy! It's not safe anymore. Wait for them to fix their stuff and visit again tomorrow – maybe it's not going to be infected anymore.’
Your wisdom alone is not enough, no matter how much of a security expert you are. That type of protection, through education alone, is definitely impaired. You need automated tools.
Alex "Jay" Balan (Director of Security Research, Bitdefender)

What Too Much Internet Security Looks Like

Making sure you are not unnecessarily exposing yourself is a good sign. It keeps your digital footprint from becoming a threat to your life and it keeps you out of trouble. But you also need to fully enjoy and explore technology and its benefits.

Overkill is when you do not allow your child to use the computer because you're scared that they're going to get infected. It’s when you stop using technology because you're afraid of it.
When you avoid getting a smart vacuum cleaner, which would make your life easier, when you don’t get a smart TV, or when you stop using technology altogether, because you're worried that you're going to get hacked - that is definitely overkill.
Alex "Jay" Balan (Director of Security Research, Bitdefender)

What a “Just Right” Online Security Setup Includes

Take it from the experts and make sure you have these fundamental security and privacy features in place. They will keep you safe online and also happen to come already packaged into a single suite you can just set and forget about.

"You definitely need a password manager.
Password reuse is the root cause of 35% of high-profile breaches, so I would say you definitely need to mitigate that risk. That’s why using a password manager to make having different passwords for every account easy is mandatory.
An all-access antivirus engine that monitors all the files on your computers is also a must-have, since we see ransomware as the main cause of problems everywhere, for example. Finally, a web filtering engine is also essential.
These are the components of a standard internet security suite on top of which you can add digital identity protection, a VPN, and other services."
Alex "Jay" Balan (Director of Security Research, Bitdefender)

Congratulations! You Are Now a Cyber-Realist

Acting wisely to protect your digital footprint and everything connected to it is the result of your consistent self-education on key cybersecurity topics, which is something to be appreciated.

"Education is another key element in the fight against cybercrime because, in order to avoid danger, you have to be aware it exists.
This is what we are trying to do, when we strive to make cybersecurity more accessible. It's an important mission, one that helps people who have no direct contact with the technology world stay safe, learn how to protect themselves, and understand the bigger threat landscape.
They sometimes bring that conversation to the dinner table, even educating children or the elderly. They help us amplify our security message and help other people understand the importance of staying safe online."
Bogdan Botezatu (Director of Threat Research and Reporting, Bitdefender)

Thank you for contributing - through knowledge, actions, and involvement - to shaping a safer Internet! We are happy to have you here.




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