Complete Home Network Protection for your Wi-Fi, smart
appliances, computers and mobile devices.
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With Bitdefender BOX, you will be able to:
  • Secure all Internet-connected devices in your home
  • Blocks all types of attacks: malware, ransomware,
    identity theft attempts
  • Stay in control of your network with Bitdefender
    Central, even when you’re not at home
  • Benefit from a one-year Bitdefender Total Security
    subscription for an unlimited number of computers,
    tablets and phones
Bitdefender BOX Hub
& 1st year Subscription

Old Price:
VAT Inlcuded
VAT Inlcuded

$99/ year after the 1st year.
Yearly subscription can be canceled anytime.

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Protects all these and more

  • smart thermostats
  • smart lightbulbs
  • Wi-Fi printers
  • smart TVs
  • smart assistants
  • smart watches
  • smart doorbells
  • medical devices
  • laptops
  • smartphones

Cyber criminals don’t need a door to
enter your home

All they need is access to a web cam. Or smart doorbell. You may not know it, but your smart thermostat or other IOT device needs to talk to the web to function properly, regularly accessing sites approved by the maker. This forms a pattern of normal activity that keeps the device working as intended. Bitdefender BOX analyzes this activity and keeps a record of it. Any deviation is automatically flagged as suspicious, blocked, and reported as a possible sign of hacking. And Bitdefender BOX does all this without affecting the functionality of the device.


Is a stranger babysitting your kid?

No matter how tech savvy you are, it’s a challenge to keep track of the security risks related to all the smart devices in your network. Your baby monitor may have weak access credentials. Your thermostat could let others control it. But fear not, Bitdefender BOX is on the case, keeping track of all your devices, giving you info about their weaknesses and showing you how to secure them. Once Bitdefender BOX is up and running (and no, you don’t need to be a tech prodigy to do it), all your internet-connected devices are automatically detected—and protected.

Go shopping with your own private security guard

OMG! You’ve clicked on an online store and suddenly there it is — the perfect jacket! The one you’ve been searching for. They even have it in your size. But before you can share your password or credit card number, Bitdefender BOX is guarding your sensitive data, making sure that you’re using a secure encrypted connection. And if the connection isn’t secure, Bitdefender BOX will block the transaction and tell you why it’s unsafe to continue.


Bitdefender BOX it all.
Even its own guest room

Let’s say Uncle Roger comes to stay with you for a few days. And let’s say he asks to use your network to send some emails and check his messages. Sure, you love your uncle, but at the same time you don’t want him rummaging around in your private files. That’s why Bitdefender BOX offers your guests a separate network that gives them online access, but isolates all your devices, keeping them safely out of reach.

Don’t let cyberspace be a scary place

If you’re a parent with underage kids, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Bitdefender BOX features advanced parental controls that allow you to manage your kids’ internet time, and if necessary, interrupt access completely. And Bitdefender BOX has smart filters that automatically block content according to your kids’ ages, and at the same time allows you to customize these filters easily. Bitdefender BOX is committed to creating a safe space for kids online, free of fear, harassment and verbal abuse. That’s why we’re now arming parents with the ultimate weapon to defeat online predators: Parental Control Premium.


Bitdefender BOX works at work.
And everywhere else

Now you can take Bitdefender BOX with you to work or wherever you go. But don’t worry about having to make room in your trunk—Bitdefender BOX lets you remotely see who’s using your network, assess the vulnerability of your smart devices or start a scan on your home PC to make sure everything is safe and secure. If you need to make adjustments to your settings, there’s no need to hassle with web interfaces or routers—the Central App allows you to take command of your entire network, right from your smart phone.

Bitdefender BOX has
Cyber threats boxed in

And keeps hackers boxed out. There’s never been a better time to
experience Bitdefender BOX Network Protection Power for yourself.
So why not try it today.

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  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Exploit Prevention
  • Brute-force Protection
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Anti-malware Protection
  • Phishing and Fraud Prevention
  • Sensitive Data Protection
  • Device Detection
  • Parental Control Premium
  • Advanced Network Settings
Vulnerability Assessment

It’s difficult to keep track of all security risks linked to smart devices in the home. The smart security camera may have weak access credentials, the thermostat might let others control it, and the coffee maker could leak its physical location online.

Whatever the vulnerability or its origin, Bitdefender BOX checks all smart devices in the home to give you details about their faults and tell you how you can secure them. It does so by pulling information from various public sources on the internet and matching it to the make and model of your device.

Vulnerability Assessment
Exploit Prevention

Bitdefender BOX can detect and stop an attack exploiting a weak spot on a home router or a smart device in the home, even if the vendor has yet to address the problem.

Many cyber-attacks follow a pattern, which Bitdefender BOX can detect using a list of generic signatures. If hackers devise an original method, special signatures are created to stop the attempt dead in its tracks.

Exploit Prevention
Brute-force Protection

Hackers can get credentials for accessing your newly installed printer by automatically running combinations of usernames and passwords, in effect guessing until they get the right pair. Unless you chose a strong combination, chances are the bad guys will take control of the printer.

Bitdefender BOX can protect against this constant hammering at login credentials. It limits failed attempts and, when the ceiling is reached, halts this automated probing, known as a brute force attack.

Brute-force Protection
Anomaly Detection

Your smart thermostat needs to talk to the web to function properly but it contacts only the locations approved by the maker. So does your smart outlet or any other Internet of Things gadget in your home. This forms a pattern of normal activity that keeps the device working as intended.

Bitdefender BOX analyzes this normal behavior and records it. Any deviation is automatically flagged as suspicious, then it’s blocked and reported to you as a possible sign of hacking. All this without affecting the functionality of your devices.

Anomaly Detection
Anti-malware Protection

You use your phone, tablet or computer to browse the Internet and not all websites have good intentions. You may find yourself on a page that looks harmless but harbors malware just waiting to infect your device.

No matter your online interests, Bitdefender BOX can tell you if you land at a malicious location. For this, it uses a large database with unsafe links and blocks access to any of them, showing you an alert that the page has been blacklisted for safe browsing reasons.

Anti-malware Protection
Phishing and Fraud Prevention

Fraudsters are all over the Internet, and they’re quite clever at luring victims to try to log in to pages that impersonate online email services or social networks. Once you type in the username and password, they flow straight to the attacker.

To block phishing and fraud, Bitdefender BOX relies on a blacklist with malicious links. When you land on a bad page, it is automatically blocked for your safety, whatever device you’re browsing from.

Phishing and Fraud Prevention
Sensitive Data Protection

The web relies on encryption to securely transport sensitive information from the user to the service, preventing it from falling into the wrong hands. When you access a page that asks for a password or payment card information, it should use an encrypted connection to send it for processing.

Bitdefender BOX can tell whether a page asks for sensitive details and makes sure you never send them over an insecure connection. It stops any attempt to do so and explains to you the reason for the action.

Sensitive Data Protection
Device Detection

As you fill your home with smart devices, Bitdefender BOX detects and protects all of them, no matter their nature. Connect your washing machine, oven, or smart home hub to the home network and you get a notification immediately.

All devices connected to your home network benefit from Bitdefender protection; even your friends’ devices if you let them use your home Internet connection. Your mobile devices are kept safe anywhere you go if they have an Internet connection. It is essential you have local protection on all your mobile devices.

Device Detection
Parental Control Premium

Bitdefender BOX boasts an advanced parental control solution that offers easy management of daily Internet time for your kids and a simple way to interrupt online access completely. Smart filters automatically block content type according to children’s ages, but you can customize them freely.

Underage users are protected from Internet threats such as cyberbullying and online predators. To do this, the locally-deployable component in Bitdefender BOX scans conversations for requests from strangers to meet or share personal information; these protections extend to images sent or received.

Parental Control Premium
Advanced Network Settings

Striking a balance between security and flexibility for your home network is simple when you can create a Guest network that functions at the same time as the regular one your devices connect to.

Bitdefender BOX offers this feature to isolate the home network used by all the smart gadgets in the house from visitors. Your friends have online access but they cannot reach any of your gadgets. It works like a public hotspot under your control.

Advanced Network Settings


Compare our award-winning product and get the best real-world protection, so you can keep doing the things that matter while we handle security.

Bitdefender BOX
F-Secure Sense
ASUS Blue Cave

Sensitive data protection

Make sure no sensitive information should be sent without encryption. This feature will identify whenever credit card information, authentication information or location data is sent over a non-encrypted connection, and will block the attempt.

Vulnerability assessment

Continuously scan, identify and highlight network security flaws.

Intrusion prevention

Detect and block attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in your devices and network.​

Protection for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS devices

Bitdefender BOX includes Bitdefender Total Security, our award winning cybersecurity suite to protect all your laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets, across Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.​

Parental Control

Efficient and intuitive tools to manage daily internet time, set content filters by age categories or pause internet access altogether for precious family time. It allows parents to be notified when their kids are cyber bullied on social networks or other online platforms, when they receive photos containing nudity or someone asks them for sensitive information, like cred card details or SSN.

Anomaly Detection

Bitdefender BOX understands how devices should behave under normal circumstances and is able to accurately identify, block and alert you upon any malicious activity.

Works alongside existing equipment (ISP modem/router)

Safe Browsing

Block all unsafe or malicious URL to protect against phishing & online fraud.​



1.2 GHz Dual Core

Flash memory:

4 GB

SDRAM Memory:


Ethernet ports:

2 x 1 Gbps


802.11 bgn, ac


1.2 GHz Dual Core

Flash memory:

4 GB

SDRAM Memory:


Ethernet ports:

2 x 1 Gbps



1 GHz Dual Core

Flash memory:

1 GB

SDRAM Memory:

512 MB DDR

Ethernet ports:

4 x 1 Gbps


802.11 bgn, ac


710 Mhz

Flash memory:

4 GB

SDRAM Memory:

512 MB

Ethernet ports:

3 x 1 Gbps


802.11 bgn, ac


800 Mhz

Flash memory:

128 MB

SDRAM Memory:

512 MB DDR3

Ethernet ports:

4 x 1 Gbps


802.11 bgn, ac

Set up your Bitdefender BOX with step by step instructions Screenshot 1
View a list of all your devices and apply security rules for each of them Screenshot 2
Always see an overview of your network activity Screenshot 3
Customize your Bitdefender BOX settings Screenshot 4
Create profiles and assign devices to them Screenshot 5

System requirements

Minimum requirements for setup
  • Broadband Internet Connection (Cable/DSL/UTP)
  • Bitdefender Central Mobile App
  • A mobile device with:
  • - 4G/3G data connection
  • - iOS 10 or higher
  • - Android 4.4 or higher
Hardware specifications
  • Powered by Dual Core Cortex A9 @1.2 GHz
  • Connects by:
  • - Dual-band Wireless-AC1900
  • - 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz
  • - MU-MIMO 3x3 beamforming antennas
  • - 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • - 1 Gigabit Ethernet LAN port
  • - 1 Gigabit Ethernet WAN port
  • - Dual-band Wireless-AC1900 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz with MU-MIMO 3x3 beamforming antennas (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)

Bitdefender BOX is the award-winning hardware solution for complete home network protection including Wi-Fi, connected gadgets, computers and mobile devices. Bitdefender BOX acts like a smart firewall to tirelessly protect your privacy—monitoring online traffic, scanning all data entering your network, preventing sensitive personal information from leaving it, and stopping brute-force attacks on your passwords.

Best Protection

Trend Micro
Best Protection Against Infections (on a scale of 0 to 6 and
6 being the highest protection)
Overall Score. January 2011 - December 2018. AV TEST.

Best Performance

Trend Micro
Lowest Impact on Performance (on a scale of 0 to 6 and
6 being the lowest impact)
Overall Score. January 2013 - December 2018. AV TEST.


Best Repair

AV TEST March 2018

Bitdefender BOX was honored by CES in the Cybersecurity category.

CES 2018

“Every security feature you could imagine, and they all work well”

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