Bitdefender BOX IoT Security Platform

IoT security solutions for network operators and router manufacturers.

Get advanced AI technology in a modular platform providing enhanced multi-layer security for home networks, clouds and endpoints.

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The Leader in Smart Home Cybersecurity
Bitdefender has revolutionized IoT cybersecurity by developing Bitdefender Box, the industry’s first smart home security solution for all connected devices.

Bitdefender Box won the 2017 Product Leadership in Smart Home Cyber Security award from Frost & Sullivan.


A modular stack of services and features
Internet Service Providers

Internet Service providers

Protection for your network

Intelligence and in house analytics

Extra revenue share

Hardware Manufacturers

Hardware Manufacturers

Next gen router without the additional development

Modular solution for retrofit or new devices

New revenue streams

Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Provider

Enhance your portfolio with a software security offering

Management and protection for all the devices in your network

Get The Whole Ecosystem:

Integrated Endpoint protection

Get award-winning endpoint protection for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android. Device management from one single mobile app.

Award winning technologies

Tailor a solution that fits your needs
Device Intelligence

Device Intelligence

Intelligent device detection

Real device names

Device type, OS and platform

Device management

Data Security

Data Security

Safe browsing & Malware Detection

Device vulnerability assessment

AI Powered Anomaly Detection

Phishing & Fraud Protection

Sensitive Data protection

Network Security

Network Security

Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention

Brute Force Protection

Abnormal Network Behaviour Analysis

Remote access protection

DDOS Protection

Parental Controls

Parental Controls

Content Filtering by age Group

Intelligent Profiles

Time Schedule and Time limits per profile

Device & Profile connection pause

* App Filtering

Reap the rewards

Benefits for network operators and router manufacturers

Modular SaaS platform

Get Security-as-a-Service delivery with APIs and services embedded with your infrastructure. Our technology stack is completely modular and fully adapts to the partner device hardware capabilities (CPU, available RAM, available disk space).

Modular SaaS platform

Cloud implementation

Easy setup for network operators, with a full cloud implementation. Bitdefender technologies offer you layers of protection for all types of architecture, safeguarding and managing your customer’s devices as well as your own infrastructure.

Cloud implementation

Advanced Communication API

Enjoy fast service integration. Our API is available for native cloud-to-cloud communication using the partner’s ecosystem. Core functionalities: Login, Devices Info, Profiles, Notifications, Events.

Advanced Communication API

Full privacy without latency

Encrypted traffic analysis (TLS) without DPI or SSL changes. No latency, full privacy. User data never leaves your environment.

Full privacy without latency
We are now sharing this powerful, trusted IoT cybersecurity technology with our partners worldwide.

Integrate Bitdefender’s next-generation IoT security technologies into your products and services to gain a competitive advantage in the market, increase your revenue and build customer trust and loyalty.

Find out how Bitdefender can help improve your infrastructure, taking security for your own devices as well as for your customers to a completely new level.

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