UK Hacker Arrested for Alleged Link to Infamous Scattered Spider Group


June 17, 2024

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UK Hacker Arrested for Alleged Link to Infamous Scattered Spider Group

Authorities recently announced the apprehension of an alleged key member of a notorious cybercrime syndicate known as Scattered Spider.

Suspect’s Identity Yet to Be Revealed

The 22-year-old suspect, a resident of the United Kingdom, was arrested last week in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, as he tried to board a flight to Italy. Reportedly, the arrest resulted from a joint effort between the Spanish Police and the U.S. FBI.

Although authorities have yet to disclose the suspect’s identity, he is believed to operate under the moniker “Tyler,” which could also be his first name.

Malware research group vx-underground initially said that, based on the report, the accused is allegedly connected to several high-profile cyber incidents that resulted in the theft of corporate information and the unauthorized access of multi-million-dollar funds.

SIM Swapper Associated with Several High-Profile Attacks

Subsequently, vx-underground said it received information regarding “Tyler’s” identity and alleged crimes, but will not divulge much information due to a need to preserve the safety of involved parties.

“He is a sim swapper and is allegedly involved with the infamous Scattered Spider group,” reads vx-underground’s post on X. “Most notably he is believed to be a key component of the MGM ransomware attack, and is believed to be associated with several other high profile ransomware attacks performed by Scattered Spider.”

SIM Swapping and How it Works

SIM swapping is a type of cyber attack where threat actors use social engineering techniques to deceive the telecom provider into transferring a victim’s phone number to an attacker-owned SIM card.

After the swap, the perpetrator can intercept messages, including multi-factor authentication (MFA) codes, which allows them to take over online accounts, bank accounts, or even cryptocurrency wallets.

Protecting Against SIM Swapping Attacks

To keep safe from SIM swapping attacks, avoid giving out your phone number via phone or email, refrain from posting it online, create strong, unique passwords for your accounts, and try to migrate to standalone MFA apps, biometrics, or physical security keys.

However, it’s worth noting that perpetrators who carry out SIM-swapping attacks also rely on stolen credentials to access accounts.

The Importance of Dedicated Software

In this case, dedicated software such as Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection could give you an upper hand against these perpetrators by keeping you up to speed with the extent of your online data.

It provides a comprehensive overview of your online profile, including traces of no-longer-used services, notifies you upon discovering a breach involving your data, and lets you instantly patch holes in your digital footprint.




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