Twitter reveals Mozilla Firefox bug that stores your direct messages for up to 7 days


April 03, 2020

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Twitter reveals Mozilla Firefox bug that stores your direct messages for up to 7 days

Twitter recently warned users of a Mozilla Firefox bug that grants access to accounts” non-public information to anyone using the device.

“We recently learned that the way Mozilla Firefox stores cached data may have resulted in non-public information being inadvertently stored in the browser’s cache,” Twitter said in a statement on April 2.

“This means that if you accessed Twitter from a shared or public computer via Mozilla Firefox and took actions like downloading your Twitter data archive or sending or receiving media via Direct Message, this information may have been stored in the browser”s cache even after you logged out of Twitter.”

Cache retention in Firefox is known to last 7 days. During this time, anyone using the same computer could have viewed your sensitive or private information. This might not seem so dangerous now that most of us are self-isolating. However, if you share your PC with your family or flat mate, they can find a copy of your private messages in Firefox.

The social media giant provided assurance that the bug does not affect users who log into their Twitter accounts using other browsers, such as Chrome or Safari. The company also confirmed that they have fixed the bug, preventing the platform from further caching this information.

“We have implemented a change on our end so that going forward the Firefox browser cache will no longer store your personal information.”

If you are concerned someone might view your non-public information, you can clear cookies and cache manually:

  1. Access Tools in Firefox
  2. Click on Option
  3. Select Privacy & Security
  4. Cookie and Site Data
  5. Select Clear Data

If you have any additional questions, Twitter advises that you contact their Data Protection Officer by completing an online form.




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