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Raccoon Stealer Resurfaces: A Revamped Threat in the Cyber Landscape


August 16, 2023

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Raccoon Stealer Resurfaces: A Revamped Threat in the Cyber Landscape

Raccoon Stealer, a notorious malware known for its adeptness in pilfering a vast range of data, has been revamped and reintroduced to the cybercriminal community after a six-month break. The new version, 2.3.0, has been promoted on hacking forums for an array of enhanced features, making it an even bigger threat to cybersecurity worldwide.

Originating in 2019, Raccoon quickly became one of the most infamous strains of data-stealing malware, boasting the ability to extract login credentials, credit card details, cryptocurrency wallet information, cookies and browsing data from over 60 applications. Despite its status as a relative newcomer to the black market, it was available to criminals on a subscription basis for $200 per month.

The future of Raccoon Stealer became uncertain when Mark Sokolovsky, the primary author, was arrested in the Netherlands in October of last year. Coupled with the FBI's dismantling of its malware-as-a-service (MaaS) infrastructure, many believed the malware's reign might have ended. However, recent revelations by malware research group VX-Underground confirmed that the project's current authors are actively promoting the malware's new version.

Some of the innovative features introduced in version 2.3.0 include:

  • Quick Search Module: Lets cybercriminals quickly sift through large datasets to extract specific data.
  • Counter-System for Suspicious Activity: Detects multiple access events from the same IP address, allowing the malware to automatically delete related records.
  • IP Status Indicator: Flags IP addresses based on potential bot activity, with color-coding for safety levels.
  • Protection against Cyber-Intelligence Bots: The new system detects and blocks IP addresses linked to crawlers used by cyber-intelligence firms to monitor Raccoon's activities.
  • Log Stats Panel: Provides a comprehensive overview of a threat actor's activities, including breached devices, targeted regions and file status.

With Raccoon Stealer's triumphant return and its arsenal of upgraded features, the need for individuals and enterprises to maintain robust cybersecurity has never been more urgent.

Although infostealers like Raccoon are growing in sophistication, end-users can still take measures to protect their data. Specialized software like Bitdefender Ultimate Security can serve as a frontline defense against malware, while Bitdefender Password Manager can secure credentials in encrypted vaults, ensuring they remain out of reach from malicious entities.




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