Enhance your cyber resilience and privacy on Computer Security Day in four easy steps


November 29, 2022

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Enhance your cyber resilience and privacy on Computer Security Day in four easy steps

Every year on Nov. 30, Computer Security Day reminds digital citizens of the importance of taking ownership of their online presence, security and identity.

To help maintain your cyber resilience throughout the upcoming holiday season and beyond, make sure you:

Enhance your account security by refreshing your passwords

Strong and unique passwords are the first line of defense against hacking attempts on your online accounts that hold personal information and money.

With proper password management, you can protect your vital data from being used in identity theft and fraud, and safeguard your online reputation and workplace.

Do you re-use old passwords on multiple accounts? Try Bitdefender Password Manager, a cross-platform service that helps you generate and manage passwords at the highest cybersecurity standards using military standard cryptographic algorithms. Save time and stop worrying about weak passwords that leave you susceptible to cybercrime. Then, add an extra layer of security by making sure you enable 2FA or MFA on your accounts as well.

Protect your devices from malicious attacks and ransomware

A trusty security solution for your computer, smartphone and tablet will protect your data and finances against, phishing attempts, spyware, credential-stealing Trojans, dreadful ransomware and other attacks.

This week, you can get your cybersecurity in order by grabbing an award-winning Bitdefender security solution offering unbeatable multi-layered protection to keep all of your household devices safe from lingering cyber threats, including complete real-time data protection, ransomware protection, web attack prevention, and advanced anti-phishing and anti-fraud prevention filtering systems.

Check out our feature-rich all-in-one security suites (Premium Security and Ultimate Security) that offer online security and digital privacy with a powerful VPN and a multi-platform Password Manager here.

Depending on your location and chosen plan, you can also benefit from a comprehensive identity protection service.

Keep your operating systems and software up to date at all times

Up-to-date software can prevent security issues and help your devices run smoothly. Software vulnerabilities are patched through software updates, preventing cybercriminals from exploiting them and compromising your data.

Make sure you always install the latest security patches and updates whenever you’re prompted to.

Take ownership of your online identity

Digital identities are highly profitable for cybercriminals and fraudsters. You should always ensure that you never post sensitive information on social media and properly dispose of personal data when you switch to a new device. While protecting your online accounts with strong passwords can help prevent your data from ending up in the wrong hands, data breaches via third parties can put you at risk of identity theft and fraud.

A solution that offers 24/7 monitoring of your digital self can help prevent damage in case of a data breach or leaks.

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection lets you take control of the digital you and protect your privacy with real-time data breach monitoring of up to five email addresses. You can easily find out if your data is part of any legal or illegal collections of data (on the dark web) and take the necessary measures to close down any privacy risks.




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