6 telltale signs that scream you’re about to fall victim to an online job scam


September 13, 2022

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6 telltale signs that scream you’re about to fall victim to an online job scam

Looking for a new career or job is never easy. Luckily, plenty of online employment-oriented services are ready to help the ever-growing number of job seekers.

The drift towards online job searches isn’t unusual given the tremendous ease of accessing job listings online and applications at the click of a button.

However, the online job-seeking market has also attracted scammers and cyberthieves who see endless opportunities to exploit a steady flow of job seekers.

Fraudsters know their way around every nook and cranny of digital platforms and job boards, targeting unwary individuals with phony job listings to steal personal information and commit fraud.

Here are six common signs of job scams to watch out for as you consider a change of employment:

  • The job seems too good to be true - the employer says you’ll receive a fat paycheck for working remotely for just a couple of hours a day. Be especially wary of rags-to-riches stories and drastic income changes that happen overnight
  • The so-called recruiter offers you the job immediately without going through a lengthy interview process or verifying your work experience
  • You need to pay for expenses such as training courses, starter kits or certifications which are often useless – if someone asks you to pay to get a job, it’s a scam
  • The recruiter asks for personal and financial information very early in the interview process
  • The job listing is poorly written with numerous grammatical and spelling errors
  • You are contacted via a personal email address such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo

To protect your data and finances, only use a reputable job employment service and diligently research the employer before accepting any new job offers. Never pay upfront to get a job or accept to cash in checks that will go towards purchasing gift cards.

Individuals who fall for online job employment scams can easily become victims of identity theft and fraud.  Bitdefender Ultimate Security (for the US only) combines advanced malware detection technology, real-time privacy alerts and identity theft protection features.

The identity theft protection module monitors your SSN, email address and phone numbers for misuse and exposure on the dark web, alerts you to any changes in your address and court records in your name and ensures expert assistance in recovering your identity alongside the reimbursement of stolen funds courtesy of insurance of up to $2 million, depending on your chosen plan.

Read more about how you can protect your digital identity here.




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