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Meet the future

With more and more servers being virtualized to ensure operational efficiency, Gravity Zone in a Box brings the best suited product to small and medium businesses that adopted virtualization:

  • A dedicated solution to protect virtual environments - Gravity Zone in a Box addresses all of the performance issues and operational inefficiencies and vulnerabilities common to securing virtual environments (e.g. duplicate scans, AV-Storms, Boot-latency).
  • A unified platform to protect all the company’s endpoints - virtual servers, physical servers, PCs and Android tablets and mobile phones
  • Plug-and-play deployment – simply load the GZiaB virtual appliance into a VMware, Microsoft, Citrix or other hypervisor. No need to spend hours configuring the databases and other AV components.

Virtualization brought it’s own share of problems though. Running standard anti-malware software created more problems and wasted a lot of the IT admin’s time. GravityZone-in-a-Box brings hypervisor-agnostic security, providing truly optimized performance when protecting virtual endpoints running on Citrix, VMware or Microsoft platforms. GravityZone-in-a-Box has been certified as Citrix Ready® for VDI-in-a-Box. Because of this, it is easy to deploy and manage, and it addresses all of the performance issues common to securing virtual environments.

In a fast changing environment the ability to easily integrate all the endpoints into one management console makes the difference. Two trends had a significant impact on the work of IT admins: virtualization and BYOD. Gravity Zone in a Box future proofs your company by letting IT admins manage everything from a single management console.

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  • Plug-and-play deployment

    Simply load the GZiaB virtual appliance into a VMware, Microsoft, Citrix or other hypervisor. Thanks to the unique architecture the solution is ready to use within minutes – no need to spend hours configuring the databases and other AV components.

  • Unified management for virtual, physical and mobile

    GZiaB uses the latest architecture and functionality to reduce the administrative burden by unifying protection across virtual, physical and mobile endpoints. The time spent managing security is also reduce by leveraging integrations with VMware vCenter, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Certified security for VDI-in-a-Box

    Part of GravityZone-in-a-Box, Security for Virtualized Environments has been certified for Citrix VDI-in-a-Box. Based on rigorous testing, the certification means GZiaB is guaranteed to work well and provide a robust security solution for the Citrix environment.

  • Optimized security for any virtualized platform

    GZiaB eliminates the difficulties associated with traditional AV in virtual environments by offloading scanning to a central appliance and using intelligent caching mechanisms.

    The unique platform-agnostic technology simplifies AV management and updates, increases server consolidation ratios and prevents common problems such as AV storms and boot-time security gaps.

  • Eliminate AV slowdowns for good

    The unique Bitdefender scan offload technology used in virtual environments, can also be used in GZiaB to minimize the AV footprint on physical laptops or servers (including Linux).

    This eliminates computer slowdown complaints and issues while ensuring a good level of protection.

  • #1 ranked security

    GravityZone-in-a-Box combines highly effective and optimized protection for virtualized environments with Bitdefender endpoint security technologies that consistently rank first in benchmark testing by organizations including AV Test, Virus Bulletin and AV Comparatives.