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Release Notes for GravityZone (Cloud-based) November 2018 Update



  • Improved filtering for security events

    • New filter for incidents and threats by Type of main action (Action needed and Blocked) and by Endpoint OS.
    • The filter & search area on the Incidents page has been optimized for a better user experience.
  • Improved incident visualization

    • New nodes information added in the details section.
    • The Timeline section now includes an expandable details area, with information about the event’s objects.
    • All the main properties of an incident are now grouped in the Summary tab’s header. This area also includes a new property named Attack indicators, which exposes the types of attack occurred in the current security event.
  • Increased visibility in automatic remediation

    • A new incident visualization tab named Remediation Actions will show up next to Summary and Timeline when actions are taken by GravityZone on the current attack.
    • Blocklist events are now listed in the Blocked Applications report.
  • Better detection

    • New detection indicators and algorithms for detecting a broader range of threats.


  • Other minor improvements.

Resolved Issues


  • Network Administrators from Partner companies could download the installation package for their computers from Essential Steps, even though their own network was not in target.

Content Control

  • Notifications for some blocked websites were missing the category name.


  • Enabling Endpoint Restart Notification also enabled Device Scanning alerts.
  • GravityZone allowed creating empty Device Control rules in the policy.

Help & Support

  • Support tickets were sent without attachments when they exceeded the limit of 10 MB, instead of warning the user.
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