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Release Notes for GravityZone (Cloud-based) February 2019 Update


  • Sandbox Analyzer

    • New perspective on submissions
      • Advanced reporting interface, in the main menu, offering a single pane of glass view with all samples that were submitted to Sandbox Analyzer.

        The info cards based interface adds detailed information about each submission like:

        • Sample name.
        • Submission time.
        • Submission type – automatic or manual.
        • Source – endpoint name.
        • Analysis result – clean, infected or unsupported.
        • Severity score – shows how dangerous the sample is.
        • Files and processes involved into sample’s actions.

        Each card includes a link to a submission report, where you get even more data.

      • While displaying all new submissions, the reporting interface shows the old manual submissions made before this update as well.
      • In time, as adding more functionality to it, this reporting interface will replace the Sandbox Analyzer Results report, which from now on has the status "deprecated".
      • As MSP, you view in this interface only your own company submissions. Submissions of customer companies are available in the Sandbox Analyzer Results report. Also, with this release, the Sandbox Analyzer Detection notification points to:
        • The new interface for submissions of your company.
        • The Sandbox Analyzer Results report for submissions of customer companies.
    • New manual submission options
      • You can use these new options when submitting samples:
        • Submit URLs.
        • Define command-line arguments for sample analysis.
        • Set a time limit for analysis execution, the number of reruns and the internet access during analysis.
        • Exclude samples previously analyzed.
      • The Manual Submission page is now accessible from the main menu and from the new reporting interface.
    • User interface improvements at automatic submission in the security policy settings.
  • Public API
    • Hyper Detect events are now available in Event Push Service API.
    • Improved the mechanism of generating API keys. You will notice significantly longer API keys. The existing API keys continue to work as before this update, but it is recommended to replace them with new ones.

Resolved Issues

  • In some situations, GravityZone administrators could not modify security policies because the Save button was disabled.
  • Improved the error message for AWS integration when using invalid ARN or ExternalID.
  • Addressed a security issue that could affect manual submission to Sandbox Analyzer.
  • Sometimes, Control Center was displaying inconsistent encryption status for the same endpoints.
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