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GravityZone (Cloud-based) Release Notes for September 2020 Update

New Features

Security Telemetry

  • We now offer you the possibility to obtain raw security data from your endpoints right into a SIEM solution. Use this feature if you need a deeper analysis and correlation of the security events in your network.Because we care about system performance and a low footprint of exported data, we are filtering out redundant information.
    Check out the new General > Security Telemetry section of the security policy to enable and configure this feature, and the endpoint’s Information page to verify the connection status between the endpoint and the SIEM. 
important Note
This feature comes with GravityZone Ultra.
Available only for Windows endpoints and Splunk via HTTPS (TLS 1.2 or higher required).



  • New widgets in the Risk Management Dashboard to show you how many users and devices were scanned across your network.

MSP & Partners

  • As a Bitdefender Partner, you can now disable seat reservation for Partner companies. The option is available unless the company has minimum usage configured.
  • As a Partner with monthly subscription, you will have access to a more detailed view of the Email Security activity in the dashboard of the companies under your direct management (Example: see the sender/receiver/attachments etc).
  • Added an error message when trying to move a company with minimum usage under a Partner with fewer license seats.


  • Forget about redeploying the agent to apply a fix from an update. Just run the new Repair task in the Network page.


  • The new notification Partner Changed informs you when a managed company has moved under a different Partner.
  • License Usage Limit Has Been Reached now includes the list of the unlicensed endpoints within the past 24 hours due to license limit exceeding.

Public API

  • EDR events are now available via Event Push Service API in JSON, CEF and Splunk formats. For this purpose, we added new-incident to subscribeToEventTypes. For more information, refer to the Push > Event Types section of GravityZone API documentation.
  • getInstallationLinks and downloadPackageZip now provide full installation kits.
  • As Bitdefender Partner, you can now remove slot reservation for all child companies with one API call. For this purpose, set the new parameter removeReservedSlots in setMonthlySubscription.

Resolved Issues

Public API

  • At Event Push Service API, the network-monitor parameter from subscribeToEventTypes returned the Invalid event type error.
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