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GravityZone (Cloud-based) Release Notes for February 2021 Update

Minimum requirements:

  • Security agents: (Windows); (Linux); (macOS)

New Features

Apple M1 Support

Added support for Apple M1 processors. A separate installation package for endpoints, named macOS kit (Apple M1), is available for download in the Network > Packages section. The previous Mac kit has been renamed macOS kit (Intel x86) and is only compatible with Intel-based Macs.

The following protection modules are supported on M1-based systems:

  • Antimalware
  • Device Control
  • Content Control
  • Encryption

Support for other features will be added in time.

note Note:
New kits will not install on OS X El Capitan (10.11). For details about the end of support for this legacy macOS version, refer to this article.



Added a new wildcard option when defining custom exclusions for files, folders, and processes. You can now use double asterisks (**) for replacing any character, including path separators (\). For example, with **\example.txt you can match any file named example.txt, regardless its location on the endpoint.

The option is available in both Control Center and Power User policy settings, under Antimalware > Settings > Custom Exclusions section.

note Note:
The single asterisk (*) substitutes zero or more characters between the path delimiters (\).

Network Inventory

New options to avoid duplicates of cloned endpoints are available in Configuration > Network Settings:

  • Select Applies to cloned physical endpoints that are joined in Active Directory to resolve cloned HDD drives from decommissioned machines.
  • Select Applies to cloned virtual endpoints that are joined in Active Directory to resolve clones created using VMware InstantClones.

MSP & Partners

  • Changing the product type in the company configuration page triggers a warning message that recommends users to reconfigure the security agents accordingly before the existing product expires on endpoints.

    The new notification Product type has changed reminds users the same details and it is sent seven, three and one day before the grace period ends.

  • The Monthly License Trial license type now includes Bitdefender EDR feature, so you can enjoy the full GravityZone experience.

Sandbox Analyzer

Increased the length limit for detonated URLs from 500 to 1000 characters.


  • The Antiphishing Activity report provides more clarity as it now includes the action taken on each event (Blocked or Detected), when clicking the number in the Detected Websites column. The action is also specified in the Antiphishing event notification.
  • The Security Audit report includes a new event type, Detected Website, which is available in the report details and in the CSV file.

Resolved Issues


  • Fixed a minor issue where Customer companies could select another company in the network when creating an installation package.

MSP & Partners

  • Fixed an issue where Partner companies with Monthly License Trial could not create trial child companies because of missing Product Type options.
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