Installing Bitdefender VPN on Android

With Bitdefender VPN you can keep your data private each time you connect to unsecured wireless networks while in airports, malls, cafés, or hotels. The VPN serves as a tunnel between your device and the network you connect to securing your connection, encrypting the data using bank-grade encryption, and hiding your IP address wherever you are.

NOTE: On Android, the VPN is a feature included in the Bitdefender Mobile Security app. You benefit from a daily 200MB daily traffic quota included in your Bitdefender Mobile Security subscription (a 500MB daily traffic quota is included only in Bitdefender Small Office Security subscriptions).

To install Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android, you can follow the instructions presented below.

NOTE: If you already installed Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android and you haven’t received the VPN feature yet, update the app, then restart it.

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