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Bitdefender TrafficLight: Get this browser extension on Mac

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac offers the option to install the TrafficLight browser extension to protect you against malicious and phishing websites when browsing the internet. There are a few simple steps.


1. Open the main Bitdefender window and click on Protection.

new av for mac click protection


2. Click on Web Protection.

3. Click on Get Extension next to the browser(s) that appear in the new window (Safari, Chrome, Firefox).

web protection new avfm


4. You will be redirected to the Bitdefender TrafficLight page.  Click on Free Download.  You will be redirected to the browser extensions gallery so you can install (add) it.

NOTE: On macOS 10.13 and later, after choosing Get extension for Safari, the Extensions window will pop-up. Select the checkbox next to TrafficLight to install it.


If you encounter any of the issues below, install TrafficLight directly from the browser extensions gallery.

• Free Download button doesn’t work (it doesn’t redirect to the extensions gallery page)

• The error Too many redirects appears.

• On Safari you are redirected to the extensions gallery, but there is no Install button.


On Safari

 macOS 10.13 and newer versions

1. Restart the Mac

2. After restart click again on Get Extension and activate it from Safari Extensions


macOS 10.12 and earlier versions

1. Open Safari

2. Copy the link below in the Safari address bar and press Enter (Return):

3. A file named TrafficLight.safariextz will be downloaded in your Downloads folder

4. Run TrafficLight.safariextz and choose Install from Gallery when prompted

1828 3


On Chrome

1. Open Chrome

2. Click on Chrome from the menu bar and select About Chrome to check if there are any available updates. If you don’t have the latest version, it will automatically update. Otherwise, it will say that it is up to date.

3. Copy the link below in the address bar and press Enter (Return):

4. Click on Add to Chrome and then on Add extension

1828 4

1828 5 1

5. You will notice the TrafficLight sign next to the address bar (a green circle)


On Firefox

1. Open Firefox

2. Click on Firefox from the menu bar and select About Firefox. The updates will be automatically installed if it is not up to date.

3. Copy this link in the address bar and hit enter:

4. Click on Add to Firefox and then on Install

1828 6

1828 7 1

5. Restart Firefox; you will notice the TrafficLight sign next to the address bar (a green circle)


If you encounter further errors, open  a Bitdefender ticker or reply on the one you already opened and provide us the following:

• A screenshot displaying what happens when you try to install TrafficLight. You can take a screenshot by following the instructions provided here.

• A BDProfiler log (if Antivirus for Mac is installed). Find out how to generate a BDProfiler log here.

• More details about the other extensions and security solutions you have installed and about your internet connection (if you use a Firewall or Proxy)

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