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How to activate a Bitdefender subscription

In this article, you can find quick steps for activating your new Bitdefender subscription. With Bitdefender, you can choose one of two methods to activate your subscription: either click to activate the subscription directly from the purchase e-mail received shortly after placing an online order, or manually activate the code from the e-mail or retail box. Automatic activation does not require your intervention and occurs only under certain conditions that we will detail below.

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Bitdefender Subscription – FAQ


When does my subscription start?

Your Bitdefender subscription is activated immediately after you order it online.

The clock starts counting down the minute the code has been purchased via our online store and sent to the user even if it isn’t redeemed in a Central account and in use. So the subscription starts the same day the order is placed, not the day the code is activated in Bitdefender Central.


Do I need the activation code each time I install Bitdefender?

No. Bitdefender codes only need to be activated once and may only be activated in one Bitdefender Central account.

Once the subscription is active, the activation code is no longer needed in the installation process, as all installations are managed directly from your Bitdefender Central account.


I renewed my Bitdefender subscription, but the product expired

If you purchased a subscription and the new validity is not reflected in the installed product, just log out and log back in again to your Central account using the Switch Account button (see the image below for reference). That should refresh your Bitdefender account and allow you to use the renewed subscription.

Switch Account to refresh your Bitdefender subscription


How do I install Bitdefender on my devices?

You don’t need to reinstall Bitdefender on devices that are already protected.

If you’ve already activated the subscription and need help with the installation process on a new device, first log in to your Bitdefender Central account. Select the My Devices panel, then click + Install Bitdefender products on your devices and follow the on-screen steps to install Bitdefender.

If you are already logged in, simply click this link to automatically land on the Install Bitdefender products section.

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