What to do when Bitdefender is glitching on a PC: Easy product repair

This guide will provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough on how to effectively repair Bitdefender on your PC. If you encounter issues with the Bitdefender security solution on a Windows computer — it’s showing errors, does not respond, etc. — there’s a straightforward solution: use the Bitdefender reinstall (repair) feature.

By following this repair procedure:

  • You can rest assured about your subscription. Reinstalling Bitdefender on the same device won’t be considered a separate device installation and won’t impact the validity of your subscription.
  • Your personalized settings will be preserved and accessible in the reinstalled version of Bitdefender. However, some other Bitdefender settings might revert to their default configurations.


VIDEO – How to fix Bitdefender using the Reinstall option


Repair Bitdefender using the reinstallation option

If you wish to uninstall & reinstall Bitdefender on your computer, follow the steps below.

ⓘ Note: These steps work only on Windows computers with an existing Bitdefender version installed. If you don’t have Bitdefender on the device, or you want to install a fresh copy of Bitdefender on the same device, or perhaps you’ve switched devices, follow these steps instead – How to Install Bitdefender on Another Device.

1. Press the Windows  windows key  key and the R key together on your keyboard.

Press the Windows key and the R key together on your keyboard to initiate the repair


2. Type appwiz.cpL in the command box that appears and press Enter.

Type appwiz.cpl in Windows search bar to start the uninstall & reinstall procedure


3. This will bring up Uninstall or change a program in Control Panel. Locate the Bitdefender product in the list, right-click on it and choose Uninstall.

To repair Bitdefender first uninstall it from Control Panel


4. A wizard will appear. Choose Reinstall by clicking on the corresponding button.


5. A new window will appear. Wait until the program is uninstalled, then click on Restart device.


6. After the system restart, your product will download once more.


7. Once the download is complete, click on Install, then wait until the process is finished.


8. Finally, click on Finish. Your Bitdefender product is now reinstalled.


If you followed all the steps provided in this short guide, you have managed to successfully repair Bitdefender and the software should be perfectly functional on your computer.