RentoMojo subscribers receive blackmail messages from hackers who allegedly breached the start-up company


April 21, 2023

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RentoMojo subscribers receive blackmail messages from hackers who allegedly breached the start-up company

Indian start-up furniture rental platform RentoMojo has recently disclosed a data breach impacting over 150,000 subscribers.

The company says that financial information including credit card numbers was not impacted.

“Recently, our team identified a security breach that involved unauthorised access to one of our databases," RentoMojo said. “It appears that the attackers were able to get unauthorised access to our customer data, including in some cases personally identifiable information by exploiting the cloud misconfiguration through extremely sophisticated attacks, thus breaching one of our databases.”

Although the company did not disclose the scale of the breach and what type of information was accessed, chatter on social media revealed the attackers (going by the name Shiny Hunters) undoubtedly stole subscriber email addresses.

Attackers are using the stolen data to extort RentoMojo customers

Since the breach, some RentoMojo subscribers said that cybercriminals have attempted to blackmail them via email.

“Disturbing news! @rentomojo data breach has led to the exposure of my confidential information. Hackers are now blackmailing to release my personal data. This is a serious breach of privacy and security," one user tweeted.

"I have received a mail stating data breach from my Rentomojo account and it claims to make my data public since the company did not respond to there demands,” another user wrote on Twitter.

RentoMojo says that it also reported the incident to the authorities and that it is continuing the investigation.

Exposed personally identifiable information in data breaches and leaks gives cybercriminals leverage to carry out sophisticated attacks against users that can further compromise their privacy and even financial security.

Stolen data can also be combined with additional information found online to create user profiles of victims who can be targeted repeatedly.

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