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On-line Dating Security Tips for Valentine


February 11, 2010

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On-line Dating Security Tips for Valentine

Additional e-threats that are most likely to exploit
Valentine’s Day are:

  • graffiti and other types of spam distributed via walls,
    channels and other social network individual or community pages, accompanied by
    shortened URLs directing users towards Web sites that spread malware, such as
    Trojans, rogue antivirus, key loggers, etc.
  • e-mail spam exploiting Valentine’s Day for advertising
    goods and services


Vday threats


Valentine's day threats

  • e-mail attachments attempting to deliver different breeds
    of malware under the innocent cover of a short funny movie (which requires a
    special codec to be played), slide show or e-card.


Valentine's day


Other tips for keeping computers and personal information

  • Do not open e-mails from unknown or distrusted sources.
    Many viruses spread via e-mail messages so ask for a confirmation from the
    sender if you are in any doubt.
  • Do not open the attachments of messages with suspicious or
    unexpected subject lines. If you want to open them, first save them to your
    hard disk and scan them with an updated antivirus program.
  • Delete any chain e-mails or unwanted messages. Do not
    forward them or reply to their senders. These kinds of messages are considered
    spam, because they are undesired and unsolicited and they can overload the
    Internet traffic.
  • Update your system and applications as often as possible.
    Some operating systems and applications can be set to update automatically.
    Make full use of this feature. Failure to patch your system often enough may
    leave it vulnerable to threats for which fixes already exist.
  • Do not copy any file if you don’t know or don’t trust its
    source. Check the source of files you download and make sure that an antimalware
    program has already verified the files at their source.

BitDefender also recommends (aside from not clicking spam
links) the use of an integrated
security solution
, one that includes antimalware, antispam and firewall, as
well as advanced features, such as Web filtering and Identity Protection.




I rediscovered "all that technical jazz" with the E-Threat Analysis Team at Bitdefender, the creator of one of the industry's most effective lines of internationally certified security software.

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