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Customer Data Stolen from Iranian Insurance Companies Shows Up Online


December 29, 2023

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Customer Data Stolen from Iranian Insurance Companies Shows Up Online

Hackers are seeking to sell data stolen from 23 Iranian insurance companies and cobbled together in a single database, covering 160 million records.

As it turns out, Iranian citizens are just as exposed to data breaches as everyone else. According to an Iran International report that quotes the Iranian Information Leak Tracking System (LEAKFA), unknown hackers stole customer information from 23 insurance companies.

"A large collection containing over 160 million pieces of information related to 'Expert Information Technologists' company, which apparently was compromised a while ago, has been put up for sale by hacker(s) on the dark web markets," says LEAKFA on Telegram.

"This information includes the first name, last name, father's name, national ID number, date of birth, ID number, issuance location, address, postal code, landline number, mobile number, and other details of the customers of insurance companies," the organization explained.

The company that leaked the information is Expert Information Technologists (Fanavaran), at least according to the data provided by LEAKFA. Fanavaran's website has been inaccessible since August, and the company denied any hack. In fact, Iranian authorities also denied that any information leaked out.

The fact that a database containing millions of records belonging to Iranian citizens is floating around the Dark Net at around $75,000 seems proof enough that a data breach occurred. Usually, when such data breaches occur elsewhere, clients are informed so they can take action to protect their digital identity. Since authorities deny this incident took place, that's not possible.




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