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Anonymous Hacktivists Hit Websites of Japanese Institutions with DDoS Attacks


August 14, 2023

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Anonymous Hacktivists Hit Websites of Japanese Institutions with DDoS Attacks

Hackers claiming to be part of Anonymous (EUTNAIOA) have claimed that they've attacked a large number of websites after the Japanese announcement of the planned release of treated Fukushima wastewater into the ocean.

Japanese authorities say they plan to release water treated into the ocean but that most of the nucleotides have been removed. Unfortunately, out of the total of 64 nucleotides, tritium and carbon-14 are still present, albeit in quantities deemed safe by the authorities.

According to a Guardian report, hacktivists have many websites and online resources, including Ministry of the Environment, The Japan Atomic Power Company, Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ), Nuclear Regulation Authority, Japan Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), Japan Energy Association Wec, and many others.

While the hackers claim to have hit all of these resources, they were still up and running, so it's unclear if they had any effect.

"The last point to be clarified concerns the question of Anonymous Italy's intervention on the issue of waste water from Fukushima," wrote the hacktivists. "Anonymous Italia will always be present, ready to take the field wherever abuses of both human beings and the environment they inhabit will be reported."

"A dutiful thanks goes to the entire Anonymous Italia #AnonSecIta working group who with commitment and dedication contributed to the achievement of the objectives in the name of solid values ​​such as PEACE, LOVE, HOPE, EQUALITY, RESPECT, COMPASSION AND JUSTICE," the hacktivists added.

It remains unclear if the attacks are still ongoing or if they plan to continue with the same strategy in the future.




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