28 Nov 2011

Computer may not be 'fine' even if it seems virus-free

Even if someone believes their computer is virus-free and running well, that may not necessarily be true, according to Pincher Creek Echo from Alberta, Canada. Kevin Lloyd writes that even if a computer seems OK, there could be things that need to be improved or fixed. Users always need to keep an antivirus program updated and other internet security methods running to make sure the computer stays healthy.

Lloyd said for those who search the internet frequently, an antivirus program is necessary for protection. He writes that it is important to have a trusted source to be able to discuss computer issues with just in case something does go wrong, but suggests people use caution with anything they click on.

"If you are encounter pop-ups, error messages, and you are unsure of what to do, please take a moment and ask a computer expert, or Google the message or error and see what people are saying is the best way to deal with it," Lloyd said. "Never blindly click anything without knowing what the result will be."

Craig Rabe, who owns Computer Cafe in Massachusetts, writes on Wicked Local that with regular maintenance, an old computer can run almost as well as a new computer. Computer users should still keep an antivirus program running to make sure there is no malware that bogs down their PC.