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Bitdefender Business Solutions for Service Providers

New Security on Demand

Organizations worldwide have adopted cloud computing as a strategy for cutting operational costs and accelerating time to market through unprecedented scalability and resilience. Whether built in-house, hosted by third-party suppliers or a combination between the two (hybrid), cloud technologies diversify at a rapid pace, as infrastructure providers continually join efforts with software providers to deliver self-provisioned, instant-on services and solutions.

The advent of cloud innovations imposes a shift of focus in the data security models, which must align with ever-evolving demands for efficiency and responsiveness in the utilization of computing resources. Bitdefender understands the needs for a new approach in security and helps organizations to efficiently lock their critical workloads in the cloud without compromising performance.

Combining patent-pending technologies specifically designed for virtualized and cloud-based environments with awarded protection, Bitdefender’s solutions are now more accessible than ever, through a global network of leading service providers. As compared to legacy antivirus solutions, Bitdefender ensures silent, adaptable and comprehensive security, designed to evade dependencies on physical hardware, to be available as a virtualized container or as a service and to run smoothly on the most dynamic and scalable cloud infrastructures.

Key advantages

  • Generates cost and operational efficiency though intelligent utilization of computing resources
  • Attaches number-one-ranked security to various cloud offerings, making it available on demand
  • Delivers security as a turn-key solution in virtualized containers for rapid provisioning and set-up
  • Provides patent-pending technologies, designed to improve performance of cloud services
  • Offers intuitive and powerful Cloud Security Console to manage any number of resellers and their customers
  • Scales on demand to meet the requirements of even the most demanding cloud environments

Bitdefender solutions are hosted by:

Bitdefender Solutions for AWS

With Bitdefender solutions for AWS, security has never been easier to setup and manage. Bitdefender’s optimized security for AWS keeps your web services protected without wasting valuable resources or slowing down your instances. Unlike legacy antivirus solutions, Bitdefender’s solution centralizes the antimalware functionality on a tamperproof and dedicated Security Virtual Appliance (SVA) eliminating the need for full antivirus clients on each AWS instance. This new security approach ensures high performance for your AWS services, while saving significant amounts of CPU and memory resources.

Multiple Bitdefender SVA’s can be controlled from a singular centralized Security Console (SC). Both the Security Virtual Appliance and the Security Console from Bitdefender are available as Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) to be instantiated directly from the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Console, facilitating centralized management, reporting and monitoring. To ensure comprehensive protection in the cloud, Bitdefender secures both Windows and Linux instances with a small, optimized and unobtrusive agent, which covers file system, process and memory scan capabilities to protect cloud services running on AWS.

Key advantages

  • Provides highly-optimized security solutions, specifically designed for cloud-based infrastructures
  • Centralizes main antimalware functions on a dedicated machine image, always updated and alert
  • Provides silent security, which includes file systems, process and memory scan capabilities
  • Delivers comprehensive protection on Windows and Linux instances

Available on AWS Marketplace in the following configurations:

  • Security Console
    • Standard Small instance
  • Security Virtual Appliance
    • Medium Instance (max. 40 instances)
    • High-CPU Medium Instance (max. 100 instances)
    • High-CPU Extra Large Instance (max. 200 instances)

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