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Generating Endpoint Security and BEST Support Tool log

Bitdefender GravityZone provides full visibility into organizations’ overall security posture, global security threats, and control over its security services that protect virtual or physical desktops, servers and mobile devices. All Bitdefender’s Enterprise Security solutions are managed within the GravityZone through a single console, Control Center, that provides control, reporting, and alerting services for various roles within the organization.

This article is meant to help you provide the Bitdefender Enterprise Support Team essential troubleshooting information in case Endpoint Security or BEST are not functioning properly in your environment.


Endpoint Security and BEST manage the protection on the local computer. It also communicates with Control Center to receive the administrator's commands and to send the results of its actions.

If Endpoint Security or BEST are not functioning properly, the Bitdefender Enterprise Support Team will require detailed technical information about the affected computers.

To help you provide this information, Bitdefender GravityZone includes a dedicated troubleshooting tool, Endpoint Security/BEST Support Tool, accessible from the Control Center.

Generating Endpoint Security Support Tool log

To generate the Endpoint Security/BEST Support Tool log:

  1. Log in to the Control Center web console.
  2. Click the Help & Support link from the menu available in the upper-right corner of Control Center, under username.
  3. In the Support section, click on the link corresponding to the architecture of the affected system. Depending on your browser settings, the Support Tool could be downloaded to a default location on your computer.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to run the Support Tool.

    It will start gathering system settings, program information and OS logs. The output file will be generated on the desktop as an archive, with the following name: BDST_[machinename]_[currentdate]

  5. Attach the output file to your support ticket for further troubleshooting.

If you cannot access Control Center, you can download the Endpoint Security/BEST Support Tool from the corresponding links below:

  • For 32-bit Windows operating system click here.
  • For 64-bit Windows operating system click here.

Alternatively, you can collect Endpoint Security/BEST logs by using the Support Tool command line.

On the affected computer:

  1. Open Command Prompt.
  2. Run with administrator privileges Product.Support.Tool.exe, followed by the parameter collect. The executable file is located in the product installation folder.


    c:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Endpoint Security>Product.Support.Tool.exe collect

    A new window appears, showing the progress.

    With command line, you gather the same data as with the Support Tool application.

    You can find the archive file named BDST_[machinename]_[currentdate] in C:\Windows\Temp.

  3. Inside the archive, open the problem.txt file and complete it with the necessary data.
  4. Attach the output file to your support ticket for further troubleshooting.
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