Bitdefender Protects Mom, Dad, Teens and Kids with Family Pack Security

November 2012

Mac, Android, PC protection for every gadget and person in your family


Bitdefender®, theaward-winning provider of innovative antivirus solutions, has launched Family Pack, the one internet security solution to protect every member, and gadget, of your family from online fraud, computer viruses, cyber-bullying, phishing attacks and more.

From Apple-loving Dad to Android gaming teen to PC expert Mom, Bitdefender offers total protection for and unlimited number of Macs, PCs, Android smartphones and tablets for as many as five family members with monthly or yearly payments. Bitdefender Family Pack secures your family with Bitdefender Mobile Security, Antivirus for Mac and the flagship Total Security, covering any device that any member of your family is likely to own.

“The online world is become much more complex, and much more dangerous at the same time,”said Bitdefender Chief Security Strategist Catalin Cosoi. “The number of gadgets in each household, and the diversity of manufacturers, operating systems and formats, is multiplying year by year. At the same time, each of those devices has its individual vulnerabilities and cyber criminals are always looking to exploit them. We decided to launch a product that covers all the gadgets used by all members of your family.”

From the elite Parental Control module that allows parents to protect children from online predators, cyber bullies and unwanted content, to Bitdefender Safepaythat creates a secured browser to doubly protect all your online transactions, to the world’s best anti-virus engine and more, Family Pack has you and yours covered from all angles. Bitdefender Autopilotwill make sure your family-wide security system is running smoothly at all times for your entire family without having to tinker with controls or fuss with settings.

Read more about Family Pack here. Available now at $9.95 a month, or $99.95 a year, for families with as many as three members and $11.95 a month, or $129.95 a year, for families with as many as five members.