How to configure a Safe Location in Bitdefender Parental Control

To be sure that your child goes to certain locations, you can make a list of safe and unsafe places. Each time he is entering alone in a predefined area, a notification will appear in the Parental Control app asking to confirm that he is safe. In case no confirmation is given by your child, you are still able to see the history of his location throughout the day by checking his profile in your Bitdefender account.

To configure a safe location:


1. Log in to your Bitdefender Central account and go to the Parental Control section.


2. Click on the profile card of the child.



3. Select Child Location.


4. If you haven’t already assigned a mobile device for the child, access Devices tab, then select an iOS or Android device you want to configure.


5. Go to the Areas tab and click on ADD AREA.



6. Choose the type of the location: SAFE or RESTRICTED.



7. Click on the specific area on the displayed map. You will see a green circle.



8. Type a name for the area.



9.  Set the range that should be applied for monitoring from the Radius slide bar. 



10. Click ADD AREA.


ⓘ  Note: The location tracker can be used for monitoring Android and iOS devices that have the Bitdefender Parental Control app installed.


The location is refreshed every 5 seconds, so you can track it if it is on the move. The accuracy of the location depends on how Bitdefender is able to determine it:

  • If the GPS is enabled on the device, its location can be pinpointed to within a couple of meters as long as it is in the range of GPS satellites (i.e.not inside a building).
  • If the device is indoors, its location can be determined to within tens of meters if Wi-Fi is enabled and there are wireless networks available in its range.
  • Otherwise, the location will be determined using only information from the mobile network, which can offer an accuracy no better than several hundred meters.