How to disable all modules in Bitdefender 2020

In this article, we will show you how to turn off all modules in Bitdefender 2020. At the end, remember to re-enable the modules you have initially turned off.

note info If the Bitdefender product you are using does not include all the features mentioned below, only disable the ones available.

Bring up the Bitdefender interface and access:

 2020 protection

1. Click Settings in the ANTIVIRUS module. In the Shield tab, turn OFF the switch next to Bitdefender Shield. When prompted, choose from the drop-down menu to keep it disabled Permanently or Until system restart. Press OK to confirm.

2. In the Drives and devices tab, use the drop-down menu to select Disabled for:

• Scan CD & DVD
• Scan flash drives
Scan mapped network drives

3. Return to Protection. In the FIREWALL module set the switch to OFF.

4. In the ADVANCED THREAT DEFENSE module, set the switch to OFF.

5. In the ANTISPAM module, set the switch to OFF.

6. In the SAFE FILES module, set the switch to OFF.

7. In the RANSOMWARE REMEDIATION module, set the switch to OFF.

8. In the VULNERABILITY module, set the switch to OFF.

9. Click Settings in the ONLINE THREAT PREVENTION module. In the Web Protection tab, switch OFF

• Web attack prevention
• Search Advisor
• Encrypted web scan
• Fraud protection
• Phishing protection

10. Go to Network threat prevention tab, then set the switch to OFF.



2020 privacy

1. In the WALLET module, set the switch to OFF.

2. Click Settings in the VIDEO & AUDIO PROTECTION pane. In the Webcam tab switch OFF Webcam Protection.

3. Go to Microphone tab, then switch OFF Microphone monitor.

4. Return to Privacy. In the ANTI-TRACKER module, set the switch to OFF.

5. In the VPN module, click Open VPN and press DISCONNECT if it’s connected.

6. Click Configure under PARENTAL ADVISOR. Bitdefender Central will launch in your default web browser. Sign in if prompted. Press 2020 settings buttin on the child profile associated with your device, and choose Devices. If the name of your PC appears in the list, click 2020 settings buttin next to Monitored by Parental Control, then Unassign.


Return to the Bitdefender interface and access 

2020 settings

1. Go to Profiles tab, and set the switch Activate profiles automatically to OFF.

2. Scroll down to Real-time optimization and turn it OFF.

3. Go to Update tab, then switch OFF Update automatically. Choose  Until system restart when prompted, then press OK.

4. In the Advanced tab, switch OFF Scan hosts file.

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