How to configure a custom scan with Bitdefender

To configure a custom scan in detail and then run it:

1. Click the icon on the left side bar of the Bitdefender interface.

2. Click the VIEW FEATURES link.

3. In the ANTIVIRUS pane, click Manage Scans.

4. Click the New custom task button.

5. In the Basic tab, enter a name for the scan.

6. If you want to set a schedule for your scan task, use the Schedule switch. Select one of the corresponding options to set a schedule:

• At system startup

• Once

• Periodically

7. In the Scan targets section, you can select the folders you want to scan.

8. If you want to configure the scanning options in detail, go to the Advanced tab. In the new window, you can:

Configure the scanning options by adjusting the scan level.

Drag the slider along the scale to set the desired scan level. Use the description on the right side of the scale to identify the scan level that better fits your needs. To configure the scan options in detail, click Custom. You can find information about them at the end of this section.

Choose one of the following scan operations:

• Run the task with low priority.

Decreases the priority of the scan process. You will allow other programs to run faster and increase the time needed for the scan process to finish.

• Minimize Scan Wizard to system tray.

Minimizes the scan window to the system tray. Double-click the Bitdefender icon to open it.

• Specify the action to be taken if no threats are found.

When you’re done, click OK to save the changes and close the window.

9. Click Start Scan and follow the Antivirus Scan wizard to complete the scan.

Depending on the locations to be scanned, the scan may take a while. At the end of the scan, you will be prompted to choose the actions to be taken on the detected files, if any.

10. If you want to, you can quickly rerun a previous custom scan by clicking the corresponding entry in the available list.

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